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5 pitfalls to avoid when buying jewelry

Many merchants are selling jewelry and jade to lure consumers into consuming under the banner that buying jewelry will appreciate. Most jewelry and jade will not appreciate, and the ability to realize jewelry and jade is fragile or even impossible. The jewelry that can achieve appreciation is not a piece of ordinary jewelry; only a few pieces of jewelry that can achieve a certain level can realize realization, so we must not wholly believe the words of the merchants and spend very little money to buy the jewelry that can appreciate, most of the jewelry and jade that we buy can achieve value for money is very good.

1. Is Aquamarine a sapphire?

18K white gold aquamarine pendant with diamond pic
18K white gold aquamarine pendant with diamond

Answer: No, Aquamarine and sapphire are different varieties. Aquamarine is said to come from the bottom of the sea and is the essence of the sea, so sailors use it to pray for the safety of the sea. Sailors called it “lucky stone.” Aquamarine is transparent to translucent, good appearance is not much, often natural ice cracks and cloud-like impurities. Many Aquamarines on the market are made of rubber injection, so the deeper the color, the more uniform the color, and the price are not very high, do not buy. The English name Sapphire is Sapphire, derived from Latin. Sapphire means blue. Sapphire belongs to the corundum minerals tripartite crystal system. Sapphire has bright glass luster to sub-diamond luster; color is generally dark blue, blue, light blue, blue-green, blue-gray, and so on.

2. Is the red gem a ruby?

18-karat gold natural ruby heart necklace pic
18-karat gold natural ruby heart necklace

Answer: No. Red gems include ruby, red diamond, garnet, red tourmaline, and red spinel, among which ruby is the most symbolic representation of red gemstones; it is a kind of red corundum. And the red diamond is a unique kind of colored diamond; this kind of diamond is very rare, rare. Some businesses will put the red garnet; tourmaline is said to be ruby; there is much room for appreciation; we need to be careful.

3. Is the Moissanite a diamond?

18-karat rose gold moissanite round pendant pic
18-karat rose gold moissanite round pendant

Answer: No. Moissanite, from the name, like a diamond, is a commercial name, the purpose is to raise its price, its scientific name is “Moissanite stone.” Although the appearance of Moissanite and diamond are very similar, they are very different. Diamond belongs to the “purely natural” gem; its main component is carbon, and the carbon content is generally more than 96%, very hard; Moissanite is not a natural gem; it is a synthetic product; its scientific name is “synthetic silicon carbide.” The fundamental difference between Moissanite and diamonds is that Moissanite is a manufactured product while diamonds are natural. Additionally, There’s a big difference in prices; Moissanite generally only costs around 10, and the quality of the Moissanite is not even less than one percent of the diamond. Refer to the 4C standard for diamonds.

4. Is Swarovski crystal natural?

Swarovski candy crystal necklace pic
Swarovski candy crystal necklace,(Image from Swarovski)

Answer: No, Swarovski crystal is artificial crystal. Swarovski is the world’s leading manufacturer of optical equipment and precision-cut crystal imitation elements for fashion clothing, jewelry, lighting, architecture, and interior design. Swarovski has two primary businesses, which are responsible for the manufacture and sale of imitation crystal elements and the design and manufacture of finished products.

5. Is 14K gold injected is 14K gold?

14 karat gold snake bone necklace pic
14 karat gold snake bone necklace

Answer: No, 14K is injected into other metals. 14 karat gold injected is 14 karats coated gold; it’s not gold; it’s an alloy. Its glossiness and simple sense are stronger than others, wearability and resistance oxidation are better also, fade not quickly. But it has nothing to do with gold. 

The gold content of 14K gold is 58.5%, golden color, no rust, not easy to corrosion, and good light retention. Usually, 14 karat gold is used when jewelry requires hardness. 14K gold is complex, has high toughness and strong elasticity, and can be inlaid with all kinds of gems.


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