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What are the standard jewelry classifications in our daily life?

Many types of jewelry can be classified according to material, wear part, jewelry variety, and cultural taste.

Different materials can be divided into gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, silver, gold set gem jewelry, and platinum set gem jewelry.

The wearing parts can be divided into earrings, chest ornaments, and wrist ornaments.

The variety of jewelry can be divided into diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry, jade jewelry;

Can be divided by cultural grade: popular jewelry, personalized jewelry, and halfback jewelry.

The standard type of jewelry at home and abroad mainly includes rings, pendants, earrings, brooches, and bracelets. Some of the jewelry is not very common, such as food chains, a brand, waist chains, headgear, nose hooks, neckties, cufflinks, and belt buckles, as well as the practical jewelry accessories, such as the gemstone setting of watches and clocks, shoes and hats, stationery, glasses.

The ring

Stainless steel ring

The ring is an essential type of jewelry, and it is also one of the pieces of jewelry that people wear and buy at the highest rate. The first piece of jewelry that most people own is a ring. Generally, according to the primary and secondary gem inlaid, how much, the call can be divided into a single main stone ring, with the main stone group inlaid ring and not with the leading stone group inlaid ring and so on, sometimes can also be divided into the male ring and female ring according to the use of different objects. The metal ring that does not set gem can separate according to the kind of metal for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

The earrings

Opal diamond pendant earrings

The different ways of wearing ear ornaments are divided into earrings, earrings, eardrops, and ear forceps.

Earrings jewelry is usually welded with a nail perpendicular to the central plane at the back of the main body of the style. After passing through the hole in the earlobe, the nail is fixed on the ear with the back of the ear (or cloud head).

Earrings are circular in shape, and the thinner part of the ring passes through the earlobe hole and is fixed to the other end of the call in a certain way.

The structure of the eardrop is divided into two parts, one is fixed with the ear part, or for the ear pin, or the ear hook; The other part is usually the main body of the eardrop, which is connected to the upper part in a movable manner.

A clip or screw is welded at the back of the main body of the style. It is fixed on the ear by the elastic force of the hook or the pressure of the screw without piercing the ear hole when wearing.

The necklace

Platinum and diamond-studded star pendant necklace

Necklaces are the most common type of jewelry and are often paired with pendants. And the chain tag is connected with the necklace, set hanging on the neck of the jewelry.

The wrist

5G 999 Gold bracelet

Wristbands are jewelry worn around the wrist, such as bracelets and bangles. In the structure, the bracelet is connected to a chain by multiple gems in a movable way. There is a chain tail on the welding of the chain, and it is worn on the wrist by fastening the chain tail. The bracelet is a closed or semi-closed fixed wrist ornament, the size of which is suitable for wearing when the hand is tightened and not easy to fall off.

The brooch

The butterfly brooch

Breastwork is acted the role of basically include pin, tie clip, among them the structure of brooch and size do not have a too big limitation, want to be able to fasten headgear stably only before the bosom with a pin can because this often is headgear stylist displays the headgear type that designs ability most ideal.


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