Color changing gemstones

The world-recognized five precious stones are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and a golden green cat’s eye. For gem family classification and induction, many gems are in the same family, such as emerald、aquamarine and morganite belongs to Beryl. For example, garnet from mineralogy is mainly divided into iron aluminum garnet, magnesium aluminum garnet, calcium aluminum garnet, and calcium iron garnet; this is based on their similar chemical composition, the same crystal structure of the same mineral structure, and the appearance of the different color performance, which is the difference in the color of the mineral object. Although they differ significantly in value, the difference in weight is mainly caused by the degree of scarce resources!


Diamond is the hardest substance in nature, with a hardness of 10; we usually contact the white diamond is colorless; colored diamonds are generally challenging to see, so the value of colored diamonds is very high.


Corundum is the red sapphire we usually see—nature only ruby and sapphire, no topaz and emerald.Rubies are red, and unburned pigeon blood is the best color of rubies! All shades of corundum except red are collectively referred to as sapphire, so sapphire is not only blue! The more expensive varieties of sapphire are royal blue sapphire, cornflower sapphire, and Papalacha pink, orange sapphire.


The beryl family contains the most famous green gemstone, the emerald. In addition to emeralds, there are well-known aquamarine, Morgan stone, red Beryl, green Beryl, golden Beryl, and Beryl. Red Beryl, also known as red emerald, is not well-known but very scarce; the value equals emerald!


Chrysoberyl includes common chrysoberyl, chrysoberyl cat’s eye, vanadium chrysoberyl, Alexandrite, and chrysoberyl cat’s eye. Only gold and green cat eye can be called “cat eye” alone; other gems with cat eye effect must add attributes, such as jasper cat eye and tourmaline cat eye.


Many colors of spinel, bright fire color! Some people think it is the sixth most expensive stone and very popular in the market! Jedi Knight, Blue Demon Cobalt Blue Tip, and Mahenge Hot Pink Tip are famous.


Tourmaline is also a gemstone of many colors. Among them, Paraiba is the most precious existence; the value is not less than the five precious stones. There are also rupee lite tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, chrome tourmaline, and blue tourmaline, which are relatively high-value varieties.


Garnet is divided into two series: aluminum garnet and calcium garnet. Shaflay and green garnet are the most expensive varieties. Fanta stone, wine red garnet, and purple-black garnet are some high-quality types.


color stone


Crystal is a powerful gem in nature, and it is also a favorite gem. Hair crystal and titanium crystal are high-value varieties.


The Feldspar group includes moonstone, sunstone, pull feldspar, and Tianhe stone. Moonstone is not drawn feldspar; many people need clarification.


The pyroxene group includes spodumene, diopside, enstatite, and common pyroxene. Spodumene includes purple spodumene, green spodumene, green-yellow-green spodumene. Diopside has chrome diopside, starlight diopside, diopside cat’s eye, and purple diopside. Enstatite includes bronze-pyroxene, purpurite, and chromian-pyroxene. Chrome diopside and purple spodumene are common varieties in the market.

Other Gems

Common ones include zircon, topaz, tanzanite, apatite, cordierite, olivine, Taffite, and sytopaz

Rare gems

The rarer and less popular ones include sphalerite, tin, andalusite, sphenite, anofferite, anofferite, sillimanite,  grapevine, epidote, rutile, and sphenite.

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