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Custom Any Designs. 1-2days Finish the CAD. Fast Lead Time 10-15 Days.The whole process of one-stop service without middlemen.Every piece created by our clients from all over the world , one piece custom design is accepted , and all the personalized jewelry is welcome . Every piece is fine crafted by our hands , and high polishing , no matter small quantities or bulk quantities we all do the best for you , with factory wholesale price , and fast sampling time , 7-10 days for sampling. and 10-20 days for bulk order , the satisfied after-sales service. your brand  jewelry manufacturer , we are the best choice for you . 

Custom Made Jewelry Process

jewelry design

1.Good idea

Manual carving wax

2.Manual carving wax

Reverse mould

3.Reverse mould

Manual cleaning


Treating the surface of jewelry

5.Wax carving

Start inlaying red diamonds

6.Ready to stone

stone setting

7.Stone setting

The surface of the jewelry is polished


Quality inspection


Successfull Case -A Pendant

Rubber Mould

We create a rubber mould by pressing several layers of rubber around the jewellery master and vulcanising the form .  

This is a star pendant jewellery for a Women institution , to encourage all the ladies to cheer up for life , make more women to live a happy and health life . 

This design is our attitude of life , makes life like a star shinny and to be a fabulous women. 


Wax Mould Cutting

The rubber mould is injected with molten wax and two metal plates are pressed on either side of the mould to prevent the wax from running out , the jewellery master is then cut away , leaving behind a rubber mould with an identical hollow impression. 

Open mould

Stone Setting

Next step is Stone setting , stones are set by hand , directly set in the wax model , using many classic settings which secure and showcase them to maximum effect.

We set all the stones by hand , make a lot of love in it, and our skilled workers makes the stones are more tight and close -knit . 

wax setting

Polishing And Tumbling

Every piece of jewellery is polished beautifully and shiny , high quality , And the jewellery is placed in a special thmber machine to smooth and buff the surface . Every angle of the pendant will polish by hand , every details is high pilishing and smoothly , all the women deserve it . 

jewelry Polishing And Tumbling

Final Quality Control

All pieces of Jewellery go through a rigorous quality control process and it is here they are given the final sign-off as meeting Romanfeel’s strict standards of quality . 


After QC , we will do packing and shipping to our clients all over the world , ready for women to wear ,style and cherish , our commission is makes women more fabulous and confident . 

The finished product

PVD Vacuum Coating Mainly Has Several Primary Colors

IP rose gold color pic

IP Rose Gold: it is an alloy of gold and copper, which is widely used in jewelry design and processing due to its very fashionable and beautiful rose-red color. Also known as pink gold and red gold. 

IP gold color pic

IP gold:it is an ion plating method, so that the target gold deposition to the workpiece to be plated, generally by imitation gold layer and the surface of the gold layer two layers, the color of the surface gold layer and 24K gold, the thickness can be plated according to customer requirements of different thickness.

IP silver color pic

IP argent series: it is a chromium compound commonly, color depth can adjust, can be divided into cool color series and warm color series, cool color series with blues, the metal light sense is good, friendly color series with a yellow tone, close to stainless steel instinctive quality.

IP biue color pic

IP blue series: sky blue, ice blue, ocean blue, deep blue. Different color components are also different

IP gray color pic

IP gray series: it is generally composed of titanium or chromium compounds, can adjust the color depth and color changes according to customer requirements.

IP black color pic

IP black: series generally comprises metal carbides, color depth can adjust, tone according to customer requirements can also be changed, different metal carbides have other characteristics and styles, and you can choose foreign film according to customer needs.

How Do You Judge a Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

factory image
  1. When choosing the bare stone, it is best to find a person in charge with professional geological knowledge. With professional geological knowledge as the basis, the probability of mistakes in the jewelry-making process will be reduced.
  2. Jewelry design specialty is the basis of style design; designers have a better understanding of jewelry production technology to realize the design.
  3. The artistry should be exquisite. Jewelry is made for wearing. We can know whether the craft and style are good or not at a glance. To price performance, some users sometimes will give up the process of a better production factory. Personally, the price difference in the affordability range, as far as possible to choose a good artistry.
  4. Excellent after-sales service is essential, such as jewelry cleaning, renovation, repair, and other after-sales work we need to consider.

Conclusion: We must choose a professional jewelry manufacturer with high aesthetic ability and a good service attitude.

Notes For Jewelry Customization

1.How do you choose the gemstones customized for jewelry? In general, the pieces worth customizing aren’t just plain gems. Be sure to make a deliberate choice based on your preferences.

2. Jewelry customized metal material selection. The metal material of jewelry is 18K gold; of course, there are also 14K and 9K. Pure gold, or 24K gold, is too soft for gemstones. Also, platinum, silver, and other precious metals can be selected.

3.Metal color choice. Metallic colors can be white, yellow, rose gold, black, and other colors, depending on personal preference.

4.How do you choose the style of jewelry customization? Before the first jewelry customization, we need to select the type we want to customize first and then tell the professional personnel of customized jewelry the appearance of the style. When you choose the type, you can choose according to the purpose of the jewelry. You can select the type with a simple pattern if it is used to match the shape.


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