Ring Composition

There are a variety of diamond ring styles, and different structural styles will directly show different visual effects. I’ll walk you through the basic structure of a diamond ring. When communicating with the designer to customize the diamond ring, you can consider the different styles and combinations of these structures to design your own dream diamond ring.

Center stone: Easy to understand, the biggest one. Not all rings have a central stone, like a ring.

Secondary stone: a little smaller than the main stone but not as small as the matching stone, played a role in the formation of the overall shape.

Accent stone: used to decorate the lines, does not affect the overall shape, but it will be gorgeous in our life.

Flower head: The part that connects the main stone to the ring arm. The flower head includes the overall shape of the flower head and the gemstone setting method. Some forms can only be matched with a fixed setting method, and some can try to combine with different setting methods, which will collide with unexpected sparks.

Shank: The ring is worn on the hand, sometimes not necessarily a ring.

ring composition pic

Claws: Diamonds can be set in different ways. Using ring claws to fix the central drill is a more familiar design. The claw holds the gemstone high above the ring, making the diamond look radiant from any Angle.

Basket: A hollow pattern made on the side or opening of a ring. The flower can not only reduce the overall weight of the ring but also increase the level and design sense of the ring.

Band: mainly divided into twisted arm and straight arm. The straight arm is exquisite, straightforward, and suitable for a standard hand shape. Twist arm shape is changeable, can weaken the contours of fingers, and modify the profile of hands.

Diamond set band: The secondary stone belt is a broken diamond embedded on the ring arm. The secondary stone is a foil to make the overall diamond ring look more shining.

Halo: Surrounded by broken diamonds, inlaid around the central stone, the light of the leading diamond expands a circle. Fifty points can also have 1 carat visual experience.

Side halo: The side halo is a broken diamond set around the side of the main stone, which is bright from different angles

Bezel: The bezel is one of the strongest inlays. In this setting, the diamond is surrounded by a metal edge to protect the diamond fully.

Ring shoulder: The ring shoulder is the central decorative part of the upper half of the ring arm. The decoration on the ring shoulders can complement the main stone and embellish the fingers.

Milgrain detail: Milgrain detail is a metallic ball edge that adds design to a diamond ring. With the broken diamonds, it looks very delicate.

diamond ring composition pic

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