Custom Pearl Jewelry

Pearls belong to organic gems; pearls can be classified in many ways; according to the environment can be divided into freshwater pearls and seawater pearls; according to the composition of pearls can be divided into natural pearls and cultured pearls.If you want to customize pearl jewelry, you can read the following content, hope to help you.

Melo pearl jewelry

Melo pearl, also known as “dragon beads” or “flame beads,” are relatively round and can not be cultured from the conch body.
The color is orange, orange, yellow, yellowish brown to nearly white, with a ceramic crystal bright appearance.
The round value is usually higher in the flame pattern structure, shaped from irregular, oval to egg-shaped.


Conch pearl jewelry

Conch pearl is a large pink conch found in the Caribbean Sea and is well known. Beads are usually pink but also white or brown. They have distinctive flame-like surface marks and are symmetrical on both sides, generally oval. It cannot be cultured artificially and belongs to natural pearls.

conch pearl

Tahitian pearl jewelry

Tahiti Black pearl has the reputation of queen pearl, which belongs to cultured seawater nucleated pearl. Culturing Tahiti black pearls is complex, the process of breeding pearls is long and prone to death, and the impact of weather, water quality, and other factors makes the finished product very rare.


South sea gold pearl jewelry

South pearl is produced in the South Pacific Ocean and belongs to cultured seawater nucleated pearls; the three major areas are the northwest waters of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines; because Australia is rich, it is generally called Australian South Ocean pearls.


AKoya pearl jewelry

Akoya pearls are named after the species of shellfish from which pearls are derived and refer to the pearls found in Mare’s pearl, which usually produces only one Akoya pearl. Akoya pearls belong to cultured seawater nucleated pearls.


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