Jewelry Care Tips

We need to know how to care for jewelry and not turn love into harm.

pure gold bracelet

Gold jewelry

Gold jewelry is relatively soft, so do not pull at will when wearing gold jewelry. It will deform the gold jewelry, thus affecting the beauty of the jewelry.

Gold jewelry to minimize contact with cosmetics perfume because contact with cosmetics perfume will cause chemical reactions, resulting in gold jewelry discoloration or fading.

Seawater will react with the gold jewelry, causing some black spots on the surface of the gold jewelry. We try not to wear gold jewelry when swimming at the beach.

Gold jewelry and silver jewelry try not to wear together because gold jewelry and silver jewelry friction will affect each other’s color.

stainless steel ring

Platinum jewelry

Platinum jewelry is relatively easy to wear, so each piece of platinum jewelry should be stored independently to avoid being rubbed and scratched by other jewelry.

Platinum jewelry should not come into contact with chemicals (cosmetics, perfumes, and bleach) to avoid erosion of the jewelry’s surface.

It is best not to wear platinum jewelry when we exercise, swim, and bathe because the sweat of the human body will erode the jewelry, so it can be wiped clean with a wet velvet cloth after wearing it in summer.

Platinum jewelry should not be placed in too cold or too hot environments because thermal expansion and contraction will affect the robustness of the diamond setting.

sterling silver chain

Silver Jewelry

When bathing in hot springs, it is best to remove the silver jewelry we wear so as not to come into contact with chemicals that produce chemical reactions that make the silver jewelry black.

Silver jewelry is easy to oxidize, so keeping it sealed when not wearing it is necessary.

The best maintenance way for silver jewelry is to wear it every day because grease can make silver jewelry produce a natural warm luster.

diamond ring

Diamond Jewelry

We should put diamond jewelry separately to avoid rubbing with other jewelry and scratching. Diamond jewelry should not be worn with gold jewelry because the two rubs against each other for a long time, and gold jewelry is easy to damage and scratch. The dust from the gold jewelry will stain the diamond, causing the surface of the diamond to turn yellow.

Diamonds have oil absorption, and the oil smoke produced when we usually cook at home will adsorb on the diamond cutting surface, affecting the luster of the diamond.


Pearls jewelry

Pearls are afraid of high temperatures, should avoid exposure to the sun, and should not be put in too dry places, which will affect the luster of pearl jewelry.

Suppose we often wear pearl jewelry when cooking. In that case, the steam and oil smoke generated by cooking will slowly penetrate the interior of the pearl, thus making the pearl yellow.

Pearls are afraid of moisture; we remember to take off the pearl jewelry when bathing in swimming sports because the sweat attached to the surface of the pearl will accelerate the pearl yellow.

Pearl jewelry is best stored separately to avoid surface wear caused by friction with other jewelry.

gold jade jewelry

Jade jewelry

Jade jewelry is afraid of high temperatures to avoid contact with an open flame, so we do not wear jewelry when cooking to let the jade lose luster.

Jade jewelry avoids contact with chemicals (cosmetics, perfumes, and bleach), which may cause damage to the looser structure of the jade.

Jade jewelry can be washed with water and dried with a soft rag; do not wipe with alcohol!

pure gold chain

Gold-plated jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is often changed to wear; we can buy more pieces of jewelry to wear, not only to keep the jewelry new but also to maintain a different style.

Gold-plated jewelry is used to avoid friction because it is gold-plated, so only the surface layer of jewelry is gold, so it must prevent conflict. If gold-plated jewelry is slightly rubbed, it will wear off the surface layer of gold, exposing the underlying layer of metal and making gold-plated jewelry unsightly.

14K gold ring

K gold jewelry

Avoid exposure to acids and alkali substances in life; corrosive acids and alkali substances in life will harm diamonds and K gold, so try to avoid exposure to these substances in K gold jewelry.

We should not wear K-gold jewelry when swimming because salt water or chlorine water will damage the surface of K-gold jewelry.

We should regularly maintain and check K gold jewelry.

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