Jewelry Repair Services

Many people are interested in how jewelry repair is done, feel anything can be done, and are very curious about the project. Do you also have such a question? If you also have such a question, today I will give you a brief introduction to jewelry repair services.

Jewelry renovation
Jewelry renovation is a must-have item for jewelry beauty. For that jewelry with dim luster and minor scratches, we will clean, polish, electro gold, and other processes to make it beautiful again and glow like a new luster.
Modify the size
Size modification is the most common work we do. We make the ring larger or smaller according to the guests’ needs so that the ring becomes more suitable for the wearer’s finger circumference to avoid the call slipping or squeezing the finger.
Cosmetic modification
Jewelry is easy to deform because the material is heated, extruded, or pulled by external forces. If it is not repaired in time, it may cause the loss of gems or jewelry, so we also need to give this jewelry “plastic” so that its shape is more standard and perfect.
Gemstone setting
The work included repairing the stone setting of the empty pedestal and restoring the stone-falling jewelry. The size and section of the gemstone must be consistent with the opening of the lost gem to maintain the overall coordination and beauty, so it is a very test of the technology of the jewelry beauty artist.
Repair damage
Jewelry may bump during wearing, causing extensive and minor “wounds” to the jewelry and even causing the jewelry to break. At this time, it is necessary to repair, weld, and then re-shape and refurbish so that the jewelry can be restored to “health.”

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