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At our jewelry factory, we take pride in creating high-quality jewelry pieces that are both beautiful and timeless. Our skilled artisans use only the finest materials, including precious metals and gemstones, to craft unique and elegant jewelry designs that are sure to impress. Whether you’re looking for a special gift or simply want to treat yourself to something stunning, we have a wide range of jewelry options to choose from. From classic styles to more contemporary designs, our jewelry is perfect for any occasion. Explore our collections today and discover the exquisite craftsmanship of our jewelry factory.

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Our factory is located in Panyu, Guangzhou and mainly manufacture Fine jewelry, semi-fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. The old master in our factory has more than 20 years of experience in jewelry processing, and the youngest master has about 5 years of service. At present, the factory has two complete production lines, the capacity is 5000-10000 pieces per day, all kinds of machines are fully equipped. Staffing is also complete, with 50 people on each line. Each line is equipped with a leader.The employees on the production line are mainly responsible for the work of each jewelry process.

Why Choose Us

●Immense product and model variety and upgraded production technology.
●Customers love your products, and you can reap the rewards.
●Our prices can beat any competitors in the industry.
●There is no need to worry about the return of the product because all the products have passed strict quality inspection.
●In the production process, we will communicate with you throughout the whole process, and you can change your design at any time.
●You can easily beat your competitors.
●You will get a long-term loyal partner.
●If you place an order with us, we will send samples free.

Jewelry Production Department office

Our Services

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Quick turnaround, from getting your design idea to prototyping to mass customization, each step will give you an expected lead time

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Fast CAD design,customers send us their ideas or some design photos,we will create the CAD and send to clients,we do it fast,1-2days finsh the CAD.

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Diversification,by using custom jewelry, you’ll definitely have an edge over your competitors, who tend to buy products from the same source (Alibaba, made in China).

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One hundred per cent confidentiality, every creativity and idea sent to us, is the trust in us. So for every idea, we are 100 per cent secret.

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Quality assurance, every product will go through a strict quality inspection. We have several experienced quality inspectors in the jewellery industry.

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Non-toxic and harmless materials, all our products are made of environmentally friendly and harmless materials, in strict accordance with European jewellery standards (EN1811-nickel release/EN12472-lead content, cadmium content).

Jewelry Custom And OEM Process

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●First of all, you need to provide hand-painted draft drawings, colored draft drawings, as well as electronic drawings, or directly provide samples to jewelry factories. 

●After receiving your design draft or sample, the factory will communicate with you about the design details to fully understand your jewelry design draft.

●Later, the jewelry factory will confirm the jewelry information with you and the jewelry’s material, technological requirements, and delivery date. 

●The factory will make a preliminary estimate of the production price of the jewelry and then pay the cost of sample making. After that, the jewelry factory will arrange for the 3D designer to build a 3D model of your design draft on the computer, send you the 3D modeling drawing, further confirm the product details with you, and make modifications and adjustments. And quote the final product price.

●After you confirm the 3D design sample of the jewelry, the jewelry factory will arrange to produce the finished piece and send it to you to see the effect of the finished product. The production will start if you have no problem with the finished jewelry sample.

●You need to pay the deposit for the bulk jewelry production, and then the jewelry factory will arrange mass production.

●After the production is completed, we will inform you to accept the goods, pay the expenses, complete the balance payment, and the factory will pack and ship the goods.

●Customized cooperation completed logistics distribution.

China's Four Major Jewelry Manufacturing Areas

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ShuiBei,ShenZhen pic

Panyu, Guangzhou is a well-known jewelry processing base in China. There are also many kinds of jewelry factories, including custom high-end jewelry, K-gold jewelry, silver jewelry, copper jewelry, stainless steel, alloy jewelry, and gold jewelry.
Gold jewelry processing plant is more in Shuibei Shenzhen . Stainless steel jewelry processing plant is more in Dongguan, alloy jewelry processing plant in Dongguan, but say that the production of the alloy is more in Yiwu, Zhejiang, the price is low, the process is not very good. To find reliable high-end jewelry, K gold jewelry, silver jewelry factory, copper jewelry factory, come to Panyu, Guangzhou.
The artistry in Panyu, Guangzhou is exquisite, with sufficient materials and high trust. Both copper and silver artistry can be very meticulous.
The labor fee is also very reasonable, and the material fee is also according to the international metal price on the day of the order. The production time is moderate because it needs some time to be delicate. Karat jewelry doesn’t have to worry about the craft. Jewelry that requires special, high standards can also be made very well. Normal process and labor costs are also proportional to customer demand. The primary teachers here have many years of experience; You don’t have to worry about paying for a good product.

Our Happy Clients

Hongkong Jewellery show and Client Real feedback

We got to know each other at the jewelry Fair in Hong Kong, and we talked a lot about jewelry. We introduced all the details of our factory to Ms Cam, and she was very satisfied with us. Finally, we reached a cooperation happily.

Excellent service! The Jewelry came out beautiful ! The team was very professional and efficient ! I highly recommend Romanfeel Jewelry.                                                                                                               Ms Cam

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