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Know US

Our factory is located in Panyu, Guangzhou and mainly Custom wholesale gold jewelry, silver jewelry and Fashion jewelry. The old master in our factory has more than 20 years of experience in jewelry processing, and the youngest master has about 5 years of service. At present, the factory has two complete production lines, the capacity is 2000-3000 pieces per day, all kinds of machines are fully equipped. Staffing is also complete, with 15 people on each line. 

Our Main Business

Jewelry design: If you have a good idea about jewelry, you can talk to us. Our professional design team can help you design the jewelry concept you want.

Jewelry customization: We can customize your desired jewelry according to your ideas.

Jewelry wholesale: If you see the products you like on our website, you can directly ask us the price, and we will reply to you soon, or you can provide wholesale jewelry pictures, and we will send you quickly.

Jewelry plating: We offer a jewelry plating service that can plate your favorite metal colors.


Why Choose Us

●Immense product and model variety and upgraded production technology.
●Customers love your products, and you can reap the rewards.
●One hundred per cent confidentiality, every creativity and idea sent to us, is the trust in us. So for every idea, we are 100 per cent secret.
● Product inspection, every product has to go through a strict quality check. After confirming that there is no problem, we will arrange packaging, send your product to you, and send the information to you in advance.
● Quick turnaround, from getting your design idea to prototyping to mass customization, each step will give you an expected lead time

● Non-toxic and harmless materials, all our products are made of environmentally friendly and harmless materials, in strict accordance with European jewellery standards (EN1811-nickel release/EN12472-lead content, cadmium content).

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Our Jewelry Manufacturing Services

Crystal bracelet

CAD: you send us your ideas or some design photos,we will create the CAD and send to you,we do it fast,1-2days finsh the CAD.

925 silver ring

CAM: If you have identified a CAD drawing of your work, we can move to our CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing) service and turn your working design into a physical model. We offer our customers a variety of CAM processes, including 3D wax printing, direct metalworking, and more. We will work with you to decide which is best for your project.

925 silver gold plated ring

24 hours online: in making your jewelry, if you need to improve or have better suggestions for your jewelry, you can contact us at any time; we will make changes according to your ideas or find the best solution for you.

Crystal ring

Create brand jewelry: because every jewelry designer and jewelry seller is very keen to design jewelry that most people can love, the best way is to create their jewelry brand; we, as your jewelry supplier, will fully cooperate with you.

Opening 925 silver plated ring

Custom jewelry packaging box: If you need to print your brand LOGO on the jewelry packaging box, we can buy and customize it. You can send a picture of the box. We will help you customize the same. But this charge is your own.

White gold ring

Jewelry repair and return: no matter how cherished jewelry is, over time, there will be discoloration, deformation, or stone fall off these problems. If these problems occur in making our jewelry, you can return them to us, and we will repair and exchange the damaged jewelry.

Address Your Concerns

  • The minimum order quantity is low, a piece of jewelry can also be customized wholesale.
  • Can provide production samples, and will send the samples to you, so that you can see your products more clearly.
  • Can provide customized jewelry design services, a professional design team, according to the product picture you provide customized exactly the same fine jewelry. In addition, we will keep all designs confidential.
  • Short delivery time, most jewelry factories always start the production cycle of the goods within 30 days, we control the processing and production within 7-10 days, which is convenient for you to quickly customize the processing and send after placing an order, to help you achieve the purpose of zero inventory.
  • Have a good customer service system, can answer all your questions about orders in the first time.
  • Provide multiple payment and settlement methods.
  • The quality of jewelry products and service quality must be rated 5 stars by all regular customers.
  • Can provide all kinds of jewelry materials (Silver925, 9 k, 10 k, 14 k, 18 k and 22 k, Pt950), stone (natural diamond, laboratory diamonds, precious stones, moissanite, artificial stone), and can also custom.

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Our Happy Clients

Hongkong Jewellery show and Client Real feedback

We got to know each other at the jewelry Fair in Hong Kong, and we talked a lot about jewelry. We introduced all the details of our factory to Ms Cam, and she was very satisfied with us. Finally, we reached a cooperation happily.

Excellent service! The Jewelry came out beautiful ! The team was very professional and efficient ! I highly recommend Romanfeel Jewelry.                                                                                                               Ms Cam

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