Romanfeel Jewelry factory

Our factory is located in Panyu, Guangzhou and More than 10 years semi-fine jewelry and fine jewelry manufacturing OEM experience, we have worked with many designers, jewelers, wholesalers, retailers and etc, and created numerous bespoke jewelry for our clients. Using the best materials and advanced craft technology, our design experience helps you create jewelry that’s unique, safe and worry-free.

Department Status Of Jewelry Factory

Jewelry Production Department office

Jewelry Design And r&d Department

1.Responsible for product research and development of (gold/diamond/pearl) products, participating in the whole process of product planning, scheme, development and selection, commodity information maintenance and release, and promotion;
2. Accurately grasp the product style and consumer groups, do regular market research, analyze the product structure of the goods in charge, look for new opportunities, and organize the supply chain to select new products;
3. Prepared monthly new product plans to ensure the new timeliness and effectiveness of products; Drive marketing, visual, and operations departments to do well in product planning, visual expression, and marketing promotion;
4. Responsible for new product sales rate, actively analyzed sales data and monitored recent product sales, and put forward reasonable suggestions

our team

Jewelry Production Department

At present, the factory has two complete production lines, the capacity is 5000-1000 pieces per day, all kinds of machines are fully equipped. Staffing is also complete, with 50 people on each line. Each line is equipped with a leader.The employees on the production line are mainly responsible for the work of each jewelry process.

Jewelry engraving machine

Jewelry Carving Workshop

The jewelry carving workshop is mainly for the surface carving of jewelry, because many clients send their own designs, there are a lot of jewelry is the need for surface carving patterns, currently equipped with 6 machines. The staff is also professionally trained and the machine can be used to sculpt a variety of materials.

The workshop of moulding

Jewelry Wax Molding Workshop

When we receive the customer’s drawings, we will first make 3D drawings, and then make models in the wax injection molding workshop. In this workshop, we are equipped with two vacuum wax injection machines and equipped with professionally trained staff.

Jewelry Quality Inspection Department

Quality Control Workshop

All pieces of Jewellery go through a rigorous quality control process and it is here they are given the final sign-off as meeting Romanfeel’s strict standards of quality . We are equipped with 10 staff for inspection, each staff to check a small part, so that every piece of jewelry is flawless.

packing wackshop pic

Packaging Workshop

After QC , we will do packing and shipping to our clients all over the world , ready for women to wear ,style and cherish , our commission is makes women more fabulous and confident . Packing boxes are of good quality and will be marked by staff after packing.



The warehouse is equipped with two administrators, one in charge of warehousing, one in charge of warehousing and delivery. Every manager should check and inspect the warehouse goods every day, and make good quantity. Keep the warehouse clean and tidy every day. Also check the integrity of boxes to prevent broken boxes.

Jewelry Making Machine

Jewelry welding machine
Jewelry engraving machine
Metal sheet press machine
Jewelry casting machine
factory image
Jewelry fine welder machine
Molten gold machine
Jewelry electroplating machine
Jewelry mold reversing machine

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