Major Jewelry Manufacturing Locations In China

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Panyu, Guangzhou

Panyu, Guangzhou is a well-known jewelry processing base in China. There are also many kinds of jewelry factories, including custom high-end jewelry, K-gold jewelry, silver jewelry, copper jewelry, stainless steel, alloy jewelry, and gold jewelry.

Shuibei Shenzhen

Gold jewelry processing plant is more in Shuibei Shenzhen . Stainless steel jewelry processing plant is more in Dongguan, alloy jewelry processing plant in Dongguan, but say that the production of the alloy is more in

Yiwu, Zhejiang

Yiwu, Zhejiang, the price is low, the process is not very good. To find reliable high-end jewelry, K gold jewelry, silver jewelry factory, copper jewelry factory, come to Panyu, Guangzhou.

The artistry in Panyu, Guangzhou is exquisite, with sufficient materials and high trust. Both copper and silver artistry can be very meticulous.
The labor fee is also very reasonable, and the material fee is also according to the international metal price on the day of the order. The production time is moderate because it needs some time to be delicate. Karat jewelry doesn’t have to worry about the craft. Jewelry that requires special, high standards can also be made very well. Normal process and labor costs are also proportional to customer demand. The primary teachers here have many years of experience; You don’t have to worry about paying for a good product.

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