Custom Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is prevalent in our daily life; the current market mainly exists pure silver jewelry, 925 silver jewelry, Thai silver jewelry, and silver gold-plated jewelry; the following is for everyone to introduce one by one; I hope you can choose your favorite type after reading.

Pure silver jewelry

Silver refers to silver more than 99% silver jewelry. However, its physical characteristics make the silver texture soft, making it more accessible to deformation. Silver purity is very high and is generally used as a processing bracelet and baby jewelry; it can be said to be healthy and harmless, and wearing silver is good for the body. However, it will be more accessible to deformation; pay attention to it when wearing it.

sterling silver chain

925 silver jewelry

925 silver generally refers to silver with a silver content of about 92.5%; because overly pure silver is soft and easily oxidized, 925 silver is added to 7.5% of other metals to give it ideal hardness.
It can be better shaped, inlaid with various gems, and produced in different shapes, bright colors, unique styles, and exquisite craftsmanship of silver products.


Thai silver jewelry

Thai silver is a unique name for making old and retro, using 925 or 990 sterling silver, also called “black silver.” The burning bluing process has processed Thai silver jewelry, presenting a simple and matte texture, conveying the old and old atmosphere. It is incorporated into the silver jewelry and forms a covering layer in a glassy state, presenting a loose black effect, unlike white silver.

thai silver Oxidation chian

Silver gold-plated jewelry

Silver gold-plated jewelry refers to a layer of gold plated on the surface of silver because silver jewelry is easy to oxidize and turn black so that it will be treated. The international standard for gold-plated jewelry is
Better: 10 microns to 25 microns.
Suitable:2 microns to 3 microns.
Bad: below 0.18 microns.


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