Jewelry surface treatment technology

Baking paint is industrial paint. It is divided into two kinds of water-based and oily metal paint. Water-based metal paint is environmentally friendly, with water as the solvent, and oil-based metal paint is an organic solvent. The method is to sand the material to a certain degree of roughness and spray several layers of paint. And by the high temperature of about 160℃ baking set, the process of the paint requirements are high, good color rendering.

The glue-dropping process is also known as crystal glue-dropping; all kinds of AB glue (epoxy resin, benzyl alcohol, polyether ammonia.) are mixed in proportion and put in the oven. The temperature is adjusted to about 40 ° C for 30 minutes and then raised to 60 ° C -70 ° C until the glue is fully cured. Or through the curing process of means such as ultraviolet light irradiation, the modeling is easy and convenient and is used to replace enamel products. The disadvantage is that the color stability of the resin is insufficient, it is not resistant to high temperature, and the transparent resin is easy to yellow and fade, which is not suitable for the jewelry design of precious metals.

The enamel process is a kind of artistic creation process in which mineral silicon, lead Dan, borax, feldspar, and quartz, are mixed in appropriate proportions, adding various metal oxides of different colors, baking and grinding to make powdered color materials, and filling or drawing on metal bodies according to other processes. The essential components of enamel are quartz, feldspar, borax, fluoride, and ceramic glaze, glass (material) is the same silicate material.

Many people say that cold and high-temperature enamel are dripping glue and enamel. However, the processing details of each factory are different, so the effect of enamel is different.

Baking paint ring

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