What to do whith old gold jewelry

Generally speaking, these three ways can be chosen for processing. Each treatment has its advantages and disadvantages, and gold recovery is regardless of brand and style, only according to the purity and weight of gold to determine the final total price. Therefore, if you do not like the kind of gold jewelry, you can choose an excellent way to deal with it, look at the store you trust, and understand the superb gold price in advance after you can operate.

First, trade-ins. We can go to the brand gold jewelry store for trade-in, but avoid being confused by the beautiful gold jewelry style. Be sure to look at the weight of gold jewelry and see its purity! Choose the proper gold ornaments to exchange. At the same time, ask about the depreciation cost of old gold jewelry and the processing cost of new jewelry.


Second, rework the old gold jewelry. If it is your favorite gold jewelry, you do not want to recycle or replace it. You can choose a jewelry manufacturer you trust to rework the same piece of gold in a new style or make it the same style as the original gold jewelry. However, it should be noted that jewelry manufacturers for processing and renovation should be carefully selected to avoid excessive loss of gold or other metals doped in the processing process, resulting in reduced gold purity.


Third, recycling the old gold jewelry. We can choose to go to a gold recycling shop or pawn shop for recycling or choose a trusted gold recycling shop or gold jewelry manufacturer.


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