FAQ About 18K Gold Jewelry

Does 18k gold not hold its value?
18k gold is 75% gold, and solid gold is more than 99% gold. Gold is a world currency; people consider it from the angle of keeping value, and solid gold is the first choice inevitably. Although 18k gold is unsuitable for collecting, it is ideal for jewelry. And the so-called value preservation is initially relative. There is even a sense in which 18k gold holds its value. Regardless of whether it is gold or 18k gold, the recovery price is based on the quality of the gold and a specific discount. On July 20, 2022, for example, the cost of gold was 372.5 yuan/gram in china, the recovery price of solid gold was 362 yuan/gram in china, and the recovery price of 18k gold was 271 yuan/gram. At first glance, 18K gold is much lower than solid gold, but the recycling price of 18K gold is 75% solid gold, and the gold content of 18K gold is also 75% gold. So, from the 18K gold and gold price difference ratio, 18K gold did not depreciate as much as gold.

Does 18k gold last longer than gold?
There is no doubt that gold is the first choice for collection. However, the primary purpose of jewelry is not to collect. Although 18k gold is less collectible, it is more durable than gold. The hardness of gold is 2-3, a very soft metal. Turning gold into jewelry without deformation has been challenging for a long time. The best solution is to add other metals to the gold jewelry to increase its hardness.
That’s how 18k gold was born. It has been established that the durability of 18K gold is higher than that of gold. Hence, brands prefer to use 18K gold with high durability.

Does 18k gold look better than pure gold?
Is pure gold yellow? Of course! Is it solid gold-yellow? Yes. Is 18k gold yellow? Not necessarily… 18k gold doped with other metals is not necessarily yellow; according to the composition of different metals, it can also be white, red, rose gold, blue, black, or even a slightly gradual color. Compared to solid gold, 18K gold is a master of color management, leaving gold far behind.

Does 18K gold fading will fake?
People complain about 18k gold fading, and I’ve seen 18k gold fading. The result is that the plating on the jewelry comes off. Why good jewelry coating? Is the layer easy to fall off? Although the properties of precious metals are relatively stable, they will also be corrupted and discolored in the long-wearing process, so we must make a layer of electroplating on the surface of jewelry to avoid direct contact with air, cosmetics, acid water, and other substances. Under normal conditions, the coating will not fall off. However, if you encounter strong extrusion and impact, the layer and the inner metal of the fit decrease, and it is very likely to break or even fall off as long as 18 k gold from the formal channels will not encounter fake goods.
The essence of most 18K gold fading is that the coating falls off rather than buying fake 18K gold. 18k gold could be better, but it goes with all jewelry.

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