Why do we have custom jewelry

Because custom jewelry will be the future trend, custom-made jewelry means that when you buy jewelry, it can be designed and made according to your ideas.

Today, the jewelry retail industry is facing a huge change, the more mature Internet. Hence, consumers have their own exclusive shopping experience, making choosing their favorite things easier. Many jewelry styles on the Internet cannot meet their individual needs. Therefore, in the past few years, as consumers’ demand for personalization continues to rise, they will incorporate their ideas into jewelry, choosing to express themselves through personalized, customized jewelry; customized jewelry can reflect the wearer’s personality, so customized jewelry will become the future trend.

In addition, with the development of society and the improvement of material level, consumers’ demand for personalized jewelry series is also increasing, and customized jewelry caters to this demand of customers, which has become the key driving force of the personalized jewelry market.

For consumers, in addition to the style to meet their needs, the advantages of customized jewelry are these:

The cost is lower than in the shop. Compared with brand jewelry in jewelry stores, customized jewelry reduces costs such as store rent marketing expenses. When these costs are reduced, the price of customized jewelry with the same style as in jewelry stores is lower than that sold in stores, which makes consumers more inclined to customize jewelry.

A psychological sense of accomplishment. The customization process is customer demand-oriented; customers can put forward ideas and creativity in communicating with the designer, and the jewelry will leave traces of customer participation, which is not experienced in the jewelry store in the mall.

In addition, for businesses and designers, custom jewelry can be a manageable number of goods, receive customer orders, and stock up in time; the demand for their funds is small, so businesses and designers are willing to choose custom jewelry. The jewelry styles in traditional jewelry stores have no personality, so there is a great market demand for customized jewelry. Businesses are also motivated to explore this market, which will become a trend in the custom jewelry market. Still, custom jewelry has its drawbacks. The average price of custom jewelry products is on the high side. In addition, the long time required to make the final product is also a disadvantage, which will limit the custom jewelry market.

Although custom jewelry will become a trend, the trend means that only some of the market will be replaced. The spot mode of traditional jewelry stores can achieve an on-site experience and selection of jewelry for ordinary consumers, so this store mode will also exist for a long time.

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