Custom Platinum Jewelry

Now the main types of platinum jewelry on the market are PT999, PT950, PT900, and three other more common and other platinum jewelry also, but not seen much. PT999 is 99.9% platinum-containing platinum; this platinum is a high purity but low hardness; PT950 contains 95% platinum and 5% of other precious metals, moderate hardness and moderate purity; PT900 is platinum with a soft platinum content in these three kinds of platinum, only 90% platinum content, but high hardness.

Pt999 jewelry

Platinum 999, due to its softness, is not suitable for inlaying large particles of gems, so it is more used to manufacture plain platinum jewelry or jewelry inlaid with broken gems. It is often used in industry, science and technology, aerospace, and other fields.


Pt950 jewelry

Platinum 950, with relatively high hardness, is often used to set large particles of diamonds and colored treasure. Platinum 950 is also an ordinary precious metal jewelry on the market, and wedding rings often use platinum 950 set with gemstones.

diamond ring

Pt900 jewelry

Platinum 900 is a better choice for large-grained gems. Its hardness is relatively high and not easy to deform. It is often used as the precious metal material part of the ring. However, due to the inclusion of other metals, the color of platinum 900 will not be exceptionally bright.


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