Jewelry Custom and OEM Process

Whether you are a jewelry designer or open a jewelry retail store, you want to design or sell your products can be loved by customers; we can do to make your jewelry design a reality and enhance your jewelry brand value at the same time, but also let you get benefits, so I hope you can contact us as soon as possible so that we can sincerely serve you.

  • First of all, you need to provide hand-painted draft drawings, colored draft drawings, as well as electronic drawings, or directly provide samples to jewelry factories. 
  • After receiving your design draft or sample, the factory will communicate with you about the design details to fully understand your jewelry design draft.
  • Later, the jewelry factory will confirm the jewelry information with you and the jewelry’s material, technological requirements, and delivery date. 
  • The factory will make a preliminary estimate of the production price of the jewelry and then pay the cost of sample making. After that, the jewelry factory will arrange for the 3D designer to build a 3D model of your design draft on the computer, send you the 3D modeling drawing, further confirm the product details with you, and make modifications and adjustments. And quote the final product price.
  • After you confirm the 3D design sample of the jewelry, the jewelry factory will arrange to produce the finished piece and send it to you to see the effect of the finished product. The production will start if you have no problem with the finished jewelry sample.
  • You need to pay the deposit for the bulk jewelry production, and then the jewelry factory will arrange mass production.
  • After the production is completed, we will inform you to accept the goods, pay the expenses, complete the balance payment, and the factory will pack and ship the goods.
  • Customized cooperation completed logistics distribution.
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