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Dear customer, if you want custom gold jewelry, you need to talk to us about your idea, and we will turn your ideas into reality.
The types of gold jewelry you want to choose are pure gold, K gold, 3D hard gold, gold-plated jewelry, gold-covered jewelry, and gold-filled jewelry.
Metal of your choice: Gold. If you do gold-plated, gold-covered, and gold-filled jewelry, choose other metals, such as silver and copper, as the main body.
The gold jewelry you want to choose are necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, brooches,
If you want to choose gems, please refer to our dedicated page on gems. If you make gem-set gold jewelry, we recommend choosing K gold as the main body because K gold has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, bright color, stable quality, and easy processing. The following is an introduction to these types of gold jewelry; you can choose the jewelry you want to customize and contact us.

Pure gold jewelry

Pure gold jewelry refers to jewelry with a gold content of more than 99% and up to 99.99%. Pure gold jewelry has the disadvantages of high price, low hardness, single color, easy to wear, and pure gold jewelry can not be used for inlay. Pure gold jewelry also has many advantages, such as stable chemical properties, will not cause skin allergies, and value preservation.

pure gold chain

K gold jewelry

K gold is a sign of gold jewelry with different gold content. The gold content of 1K is about 4.166%, so the gold range of 24K, 22K, 20K, and 18K is 99.99% (pure gold), 91.65%, 83.32%, and 74.98%. The rest can be multiplied by the K number by 4.166% to get the gold content.The primary colors of K gold are white K gold, yellow K gold, and rose gold.


14K gold hoop earrings pic

3D hard gold jewelry

3D hard gold, also known as hard gold, refers to the improvement of pure gold in the processing process (through the progress of the gold content in the electroforming solution, PH value, working temperature, organic light content, and agitation speed. Significantly improving the hardness and wear resistance of gold) so that it has high hardness, good color of the finished product, and is easy to grind into various shapes. Overcome the defect of the insufficient hardness of pure gold.

Because of its processing technology’s complexity, hard gold will be a little more expensive. However, flaws, gaps, and blocks can not be repaired if the hard gold jewelry breaks! 


5G gold jewelry

5G Gold, short for Five Good, is a new type of gold processing technology. The production of 5G gold is by adding a certain amount of hard gold powder to the gold material during the gold dissolution process and then undergoing high-temperature smelting catalysis to make the molecular structure of gold more compact.
5G is:
Grace Elegance: High toughness and flexibility, not limited by traditional gold material, can create elegant and fashionable shapes;
Glorious: pure gold material, with natural 24K dazzling gold, not easy to fade, astonishing;
Gentle and noble: to achieve the gold content above the gold, more value;
Genius: fine artistry, avant-garde technology, intense artistry, with innate technological advantages;
Gusty firm: high hardness, not easy to deform, and more lightweight.

5G Gold earrings

Gold-plated jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is on the surface of the jewelry with copper as the blank, plated with a layer of gold by electroplating. However, the coating is generally skinny, about 3 to 5um. This gold-plated jewelry luster is bright and soft but not durable; like the gold-plated watch band, it is easy to wear, will reveal the brass blank, and will appear dull yellow.


Gold-filled jewelry

Gold-filled jewelry is a layer of gold foil pressed on the copper or silver sheet; the thickness of the gold foil is between 10 and 50mm, so the gold-filled gold foil is thicker than gold-plated jewelry. The appearance is similar to gold jewelry. This kind of gold-filled jewelry is stamped with KF; if the gold foil is ISK gold, it is stamped with 18KF on the inside of the jewelry.

matte bracelet

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