Custom Gemstone Jewelry

Before we customize our gem jewelry, we must choose our favorite gems and metal materials. There are many kinds of gemstones, such as diamonds, colored diamonds, and jade. There are also many types of metal materials, such as precious metals such as gold, K gold, platinum, and silver, and base metals such as copper, zinc, stainless steel, and alloys. Below is my list of everyday gemstone jewelry and metals; I hope to help you.

Custom diamond jewelry

According to the color classification, diamonds can be divided into yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, blue diamonds, green diamonds, orange diamonds, brown diamonds, violet diamonds, gray diamonds, purple diamonds, red diamonds,  black diamonds, and white diamonds.

According to the brightness and saturation can be divided into:faint,very light,light,fancy light,fancy,fancy intense,fancy vivid,and fancy deep.

different color diamonds

Custom color gemstone jewelry

There are many varieties of colored gems, we are more familiar with the varieties of ruby, sapphire, emerald, chrysoberyl, spinel, crystal, topaz, garnet, olivine, Opal, grape stone, tourmaline, beryl, color sapphire, aquamarine, porphyry, turquoise, alexandrite, tanzanite, Morgan stone, zircon, corydalite.


Custom jade jewelry

Jade is very popular in China. Many people like to wear jade jewelry. Jade is produced in many places in China. At present, there are the following kinds of jade that are more famous in the world: Hetian jade, Dushan jade, Lantian jade, turquoise, jade, Dongling stone, dense jade, Jingbai jade, Xiuyan jade.


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