16 Comon Necklace Clasp Types

The necklace clasp is a part of the exquisite necklace, bearing the two primary responsibilities of fixing the chain and perfecting the overall effect of the necklace, which is an indispensable part of the necklace. A necklace clasp hidden in the subtle is not often concerned, but it has excellent knowledge. Let’s understand!



W-clasp, also known as M-clasp. We know its name from its shape. W-clasp most often appears in plain, gold, and platinum jewelry. Because gold and platinum have relatively high ductility, the metal can bear repeated bending without breaking, so such a clasp is the best. The W-clasp is usually welded on one side to prevent the necklace from falling off, and the other side is used to open and close. Its opening and closing are mainly broken by hand, which should be bent many times each time it is taken and worn, but if it is broken too hard, it will cause the clasp to break. Repair if you find any signs of damage.



S-clasp is often used on bracelets. When used, the S-clasp must be broken off before it can be worn, so it is also used for metals with excellent ductility, such as gold and platinum. The S-clasp is not a clasp with two sides open; the clasp is usually welded to one side to prevent the necklace from falling off, and the other is used to open and close.

spring clasp

Spring clasp

In addition to W, S type clasps, the most common is the spring clasp; K gold necklaces usually use this spring clasp through the spring-equipped organ to control the opening and closing of the buckle. The spring clasp is the most common, and there are many styles. The spring clasp has a particular life and needs to be replaced in time if it is loose.

Hidden clasp

Hidden clasp

After the general appearance of the hidden clasp is decorated with unique gems and hollowed out, it is not easy to see its original shape. A spring plate fixes the clasp in a slot, and the body can be decorated, made into a hollow, or set with a gem, and you can be creative. It will not slip off easily, and its shape can be round or square, often seen in big-name fine jewelry.


Lobster clasp

Lobster clasp is our most common because the shape resembles a lobster, so the name has many uses. This Lobster clasp is mainly used for bracelets, which is convenient to adjust the size of the bracelet. The disadvantage is that the shape needs to be more beautiful, and the decorative needs to be more significant. It will not be used in fine jewelry.


Screw clasp

Screw clasp, like a screw-up clasp type, is mainly used in the relatively low-end necklace. The shape needs to be more beautiful. It does not exist in gold chains and is generally used in pearl necklaces and bracelets. The safety of this screw clasp is still guaranteed. As long as the metal quality is not a problem, there will be no other problems. But there is a disadvantage: it is easy to slip after a long time and is not tight.

Tail clasp

Tail clasp

Sometimes, because of the need for the overall shape of the necklace, the link part is too abrupt. Hence, the clasp needs to make some shapes to cooperate with, increasing the overall beauty of the chain and making the necklace more exquisite. Therefore, various flower-shaped buttonheads also emerged, among which there are fish-shaped tail clasps, circular tail clasps, square tail clasps, and other shapes of tail clasps to decorate. The form of these buttonheads is changeable, in line with the overall look and feel of the necklace, so they melt into a whole.

ring clasp

Ring clasp

Ring clasp is a round clasp, one of the most common clasp types on a gold necklace. It is usually easy to use and can slide easily on a chain.


Stuck clasp

This clasp plugs directly into another clasp, usually consisting of two parts, one of which can be inserted into the other.

Plunger clasp

Plunger clasp

This clasp is fastened to a necklace and usually consists of a straight needle and a small loop that can be inserted into it to secure the chain.

Suspension ring clasp

Suspension ring clasp

A suspension ring clasp consists of a gold coil that allows the other end of the necklace to be threaded through it to secure the necklace.

hook clasp

Hook clasp

This clasp is shaped like a hook that can be hooked to the other end of the necklace.

Dragon head clasp

Dragon head clasp

This clasp is often used on wide, heavy gold necklaces with a relatively large opening and solid locking device.

Magnetic clasp

Magnetic clasp

This magnetically adsorbed clasp can be used and removed more easily.



It can be closed with a slight button. It is smooth and neat after it is put on, which accounts for a large proportion of appearance. The clasp is strong, and the buckle is often used as a part of the jewelry to be beautified.

ot clasp

OT clasp

One chain end is a small stick, and the other is a circle. The style is fashionable and famous, but it is easy to slip. If the length is acceptable, it can be inserted into the ring several times to play a double fixed role.

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