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Six kinds of pearl inlays


1. Half pinhole inlay

Punch half a hole in the pearl, and fix the pearl on the base with the metal needle and special glue on the inlay base, so the inlay is relatively strong and the shape is also very accessible.

Advantages: Solid, relatively firm, modeling-free, and changeable 

Disadvantages: The thickness of the needle and the pearl hole may not be stable, and the pearl may need to be reamed, resulting in damage to the pearl. 

Suitable jewelry: pendants, rings, ear pins, and brooches

2. Prong inlay

Prong inlay is generally more likely to appear in classical and vintage jewelry; the shape is straightforward and not too complicated. 

Advantages: Retro style, the area of viscose water is more extensive, which significantly increases the stability. 

Disadvantages: The style is bulky and monotonous 

Suitable jewelry: rings, earrings, and pendants

3. Through inlay

Through inlay, this method is suitable for through-hole pearls, with a chain through the pearl to make jewelry; this jewelry style usually requires a high quality of a single pearl. 

Advantages: simple, versatile, and low inlay cost. 

Disadvantages: single style, there are requirements for the thickness of the pearl hole.

Suitable jewelry: pendant

4. bezel inlay

The bezel inlay method is commonly used on mabe beads because mabe beads have a relatively flat side, which is very suitable for bezel inlay. 

Advantages: The pearl jewelry set in the bag looks very grand and heavy 

Disadvantages: The inlay force is glued, and there is no needle to fix it 

Suitable jewelry: rings, earrings, and pendants

5. Ball cage 

The ball cage inlay is to make a metal cage with a switch that can place pearls, most of which are pendant styles. For those who buy the perfect pearl but want to avoid drilling holes are good. 

Advantages: Completely non-destructive to pearls 

Disadvantages: A large area of pearls is blocked, and it is not easy to observe the pearl 

Suitable jewelry: pendant, ring

6. Wind the wire 

The winding method is suitable for irregular-shaped pearls and is widely used in DIY production. 

Advantages: Low cost, creativity 

Disadvantages: the material does not retain color, is challenging to clean, and is not durable 

Suitable jewelry: pendants, rings, and brooches


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