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How to maintain 925 silver gold plating?

S925 gold plated chain

925 silver gold plated products will fade over time. Gold plating will fade because the color of gold plating is not the color of the metal itself. However, silver-gold plating products are easy to change color is an industry problem. Now silver gold plating products use a vacuum plating process, which significantly improves the oxidation resistance of the product. Therefore, under normal circumstances, pay attention to maintenance and wear; color preservation is excellent.

925 silver gold-plated jewelry is a good choice because it is beautiful, style, and cheap; because the jewelry is not the color of the product material itself, we should pay attention to maintenance. Without maintenance, no one can guarantee that the color will never fade.

925 silver gold-plated jewelry is commonly said to be vacuum electroplating gold on the substrate, so the most direct cause of fading is wear, followed by exposure to chemical substances, which we most often ignore, such as perfumes, essential oils, and skin care oils.

Here are some ways to maintain 925 silver gold plated jewelry:

1. Replace often

Jewelry is often changed, and the same piece of jewelry should avoid wearing for a long time, especially when the weather is hot; the jewelry coating contact with sweat for a long time is easy to erode, so you should prepare other jewelry for frequent replacement.

2. Do not wear it under the following circumstances:


The water in the swimming pool is chlorinated, and the jewelry is soaked in it for a long time, which affects the surface luster.

②Soak in hot springs and seawater

Soak in hot springs, soak in seawater, and do not wear precious metal jewelry; there are sulfur substances in hot springs, and silver will be oxidized to black when encountering sulfur; seawater is a complex electrolyte system, which is corrosive to many metals, so in these two cases, try not to wear precious metal jewelry. Otherwise, it is easy to reverse the product discoloration chemically.

③Do your hair

When doing hair, especially hair color and perm, you must first remove necklaces, earrings, hair dye, and perm potion stick to accessories; very easy to change color.

④Spray perfume, hair spray, isolation cream

Do not wear precious metal jewelry while wearing skin care products, cosmetics, perfume, or hair spray. Wearing jewelry should be carried out at intervals after the above process because of perfume, hair spray, and isolation cream. They are highly volatile substances, and direct contact makes it easy to cause jewelry discoloration. Therefore, be sure to apply sunscreen lotion, makeup, hair spray, and perfume before wearing jewelry is the same reason. Moreover, it is necessary to wait for all liquids and creams to be distributed and absorbed before wearing jewelry.


The heat transfer efficiency of metal is very high, and the heat of steam may burn the skin through the jewelry. So remember to remove your gold jewelry before enjoying the sauna.

⑥Wash the dishes

Do not wear silver gold-plated rings and bracelets when washing dishes, do not let products directly contact cleaning agents, away from strong acids and alkalis, and away from gasoline, kerosene, and alcohol liquids. Gold-plated products should not come into contact with hot water.

⑦Bathing, sleeping, exercise

Jewelry of any kind, especially jewelry with metal. It is best to take it off when bathing and sleeping, avoid direct contact with shower gel, soapy water, and other acidic and alkaline substances, and store it in a dry and cool place. Silver gilding is a highly discolored metal; it should be. It is also best not to wear it during exercise, and take off your jewelry when exercising because sweat is corrosive. The range of action is too extensive; the jewelry is also easy to fall, or collision, causing damage to the jewelry and the body

3. Wipe with a flannel cloth and try to avoid friction

In the wearing process, if there is time, it is best to wipe the silver cloth frequently to keep the jewelry bright. (Please use our gift of professional silver cloth to wipe because the plating is very thin, and rough material is easy to scratch the plating, affecting the surface luster.) When cleaning work, remove the ornaments and put your jewelry in a fixed place to prevent loss or damage. Because gold plating is plated on the outside surface layer, we should not produce friction to not wear off the surface layer, which should be paid attention to.

4. Avoid contact with acid-base liquid chemical products

If you sweat a lot, after picking it off, try to wipe the jewelry with a clean cloth to avoid corrosion of sweat on the jewelry. Avoid direct contact with acidic and alkaline substances such as soapy water, hand sanitizer, bath liquid, and sulfur.

5. Store separately and seal

Finally, and this is the crucial knowledge: jewelry that is not well kept will break even if it is not worn!

Jewelry preservation method ⤵︎

Suppose the sterling silver jewelry is worn for a short time. In that case, it must be washed with water and then wiped with a silver cloth to avoid corrosion caused by sweat stains on the jewelry. Then, it must be put into a sealed bag or packaging box to isolate the air to prevent oxidation of the silver jewelry yellow and black.

If no conditions must be put together, you can wrap each piece of jewelry with paper towels to prevent friction with each other.

With pearl jewelry, please keep it in a dry and cool place to prevent direct sun.

In short, no matter what kind of jewelry material, do not be exposed to the outside and air contact.


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