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What are the types of jewelry?

Jewelry has become essential; wearing the right jewelry can create a different visual effect. Wearing the right jewelry can increase our confidence and allow us to bring out the best in ourselves. So, jewelry is essential for each of us. How much do you know about the classification of jewelry?

Types of jewelry material

Precious metal jewelry


Precious metals mainly refer to gold, silver, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, and iridium. Most of these metals have beautiful colors and strong chemical stability. They cannot quickly react with other chemicals under general conditions. I will introduce some everyday precious metal jewelry to you.

Gold jewelry

pure gold chain

There are many kinds of gold jewelry; the main component is gold. Every day in our lives is pure gold jewelry, K gold jewelry, gold-plated jewelry, gold-rolled jewelry,gold-filled jewelry, and sand gold jewelry.

Pure gold jewelry includes ordinary process gold jewelry, 3D hard gold, 5D hard gold, 5G gold, and ancient gold jewelry according to the different processes.

K gold is an alloy made of various metals; the type and proportion of different metals used are other, and the color of K gold is also different. There are mainly 8K, 9K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 18K, 20K, 21K, 22K and 24K. The gold content of 1K is about 4.166%.

Gold-plated jewelry includes two categories: one is gold-plated with homogeneous materials, and the other is gold-plated with heterogeneous materials. Homogeneous material gilding refers to the surface of gold or K gold jewelry gold-plated treatment. Heterogeneous material gilding refers to the surface of non-gold materials treated with gold, the most common being silver and copper gilding.

Gold-rolled jewelry refers to wrapping thin gold or K gold foil on the surface of silver or other metal bodies through mechanical force rolling or high-temperature welding. The inner material of gold jewelry is not precious metals such as gold and platinum but some silver, aluminum, copper, and zinc. The surface of these materials can be wrapped in a layer of gold or K gold, like wrapping paper, to cover the inner material, thus playing a decorative role.

Sand gold jewelry is a kind of gold jewelry that is not refined gold. After refining, the purity of sand gold is equivalent to 95% and 96% of gold, so sand jewelry is also much cheaper in terms of price. There are many fake gold imitation sand gold on the market, so we should pay attention to distinguishing when buying sand gold jewelry.

Platinum jewelry


The types of platinum jewelry, respectively, are PT990, PT950, PT900, three more common, and other platinum jewelry also have, but only a little. PT990 is 99% platinum-containing platinum; this platinum is high purity but low hardness; PT950 contains 95% platinum and 5% of other precious metals, moderate hardness, moderate purity; PT900 is a platinum with a soft platinum content in these three kinds of platinum, only 90% platinum content, but high hardness.

Silver Jewelry

sterling silver chain

Silver jewelry uses various processing technologies and is processed into a wide variety of silver jewelry, divided into 925 silver jewelry, 800 silver jewelry, plain silver jewelry, Thai silver jewelry, and Tibetan silver jewelry.

925 silver jewelry generally refers to silver products with a silver content of about 92.5% and the purity is identified as pure silver at about 92.5%. 925 silver adds 7.5% of other metals to give the silver jewelry an ideal hardness.

800 silver jewelry refers to the addition of a small amount of copper in sterling silver or solid silver, both silver content of 80% and copper content of 20%; you can form a relatively hard texture of silver, silver is toughness, and maintain the ductility of sterling silver while reducing the oxidation of air on silver.

Plain silver jewelry refers to the 925 silver coated with white rhodium, which can delay silver’s yellow and black characteristics under oxidation or vulcanization as much as possible. In the industry, 925 silver without platinum plating is called “plain silver,” which is easier to oxidize in the air. A large percentage of 925 silver products sold on the market are made of plain silver to reduce costs.

Thai silver is one of Thailand’s specialties, and the Thai silver standard also has 925 silver content. Thai silver is a traditional silver burn blue retro process, handmade, inlaid with natural gems, semi-precious stones, and animal teeth, horns, claws, and other items to make exotic style, and has been favored by many consumers.

Tibetan silver jewelry is 30% silver and 70% copper. However, Tibetan silver on the market generally does not contain silver components; it is primarily white copper, a copper-nickel alloy.

Base metal jewelry

The primary metals of base metal jewelry are copper, zinc, aluminum, titanium, iron, tungsten, and rare earth; these base metals are connected with nickel, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, hexavalent chromium, but nickel, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, hexavalent chromium is harmful to the human body, so we must strictly control the content of these toxic substances when making jewelry. I will introduce some everyday base metal jewelry in our lives.

Copper jewelry

copper jewelry

Pure copper jewelry is often used as a mock necklace.

Brass jewelry is a copper-zinc binary alloy, yellow. We can add rare earth elements that can be refined into nearly 18k~22k gold, commonly used to imitate gold jewelry.

White copper jewelry is divided into simple white copper jewelry, complex white copper jewelry, and industrial white copper jewelry. Hardness gloss close to silver.

Bronze jewelry is an alloy of red copper, tin, and lead.

Titanium and titanium alloy jewelry


Titanium and titanium alloy jewelry are the only metals that do not affect the human body’s plant nerves and taste nerves, and they are medically called “biophile metals.”

Tungsten gold jewelry

Tungsten gold jewelry is similar in appearance to steel, with high hardness, no wear, no fading properties, and very stable chemical properties.

Non-metal jewelry

Non-metallic jewelry refers to jewelry made without metal materials. Non-metallic jewelry materials commonly used are acrylic, glass, ceramics, leather, rope, silk, plastic, rubber, wood, and plant fruits. I will introduce some everyday non-metallic jewelry for you.


Acrylic bracelet

Acrylic material has the characteristics of high transparency, high light transmission, excellent weather resistance, good surface hardness and luster, and processing plasticity, so it is also known as “plastic crystal.” This new type of material has recently emerged in the market because the appearance is like jade, the pattern and color are not limited by alloy jewelry, and they have lightweight characteristics, so it has also become another popular fashion for jewelry.


Ceramic chain

There are four main types of ceramic jewelry: ceramic jewelry, polymer clay jewelry, porcelain jewelry, and enamel jewelry.

Ceramic jewelry is made of clay as a blank, made by hand or other methods, after roasting and hardening jewelry. Ceramic jewelry generally has no glaze surface, strong water absorption, is simple and natural, and the surface is decorated with exaggerated and rough ornamentation, which aligns with people’s pursuit of a primitive and straightforward personality.

Polymer clay jewelry is made of polymer clay and fired in a low-temperature oven. It has rich colors, high plasticity, and natural color after firing. It can be combined with metal, glass, wood, and other design materials. Therefore, it has become a favorite of DIyers after a short period.

Porcelain jewelry is made of porcelain clay as raw material, made by making billet, glazing, and firing into the kiln. Dense and complex, the buckle can emit a crisp, sonorous sound; the surface has a layer of glassy transparent glaze, a compact body, porcelain fine and smooth, and basically does not absorb water. Porcelain jewelry gives people the impression of glittering, being translucent, and warm. It can be worn on the body in a way comparable to pearls and jade.

Enamel jewelry is ceramic jewelry covered with a glass glaze on the surface of the metal, which is made of a combination of ceramic and metal. Enamel jewelry is strong metal and ceramic, smooth and delicate, beautiful and practical, worn on the body luxury without losing personality.


Ebony inlaid with silver bracelet

Wood’s warm and unique texture has a natural simplicity that can not be replaced by jewelry or other materials. Used as an everyday match, it can make people’s eyes shine.

Composite jewelry

Jade material jewelry

gold jade jewelry

Divided from color: white jade, jasper, green jade, black jade, topaz, Huang Xiuyu, green jade, Beijing white jade.

From the region: Xinjiang jade, Henan jade, Xiuyan jade, Australian jade, Dushan jade, southern jade, and Canadian jade.

Gemstone Jewelry


Gemstone Jewelry includes diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, cat’s eye gemstones, color-changing gemstones, topaz gemstones, Opal, tourmaline, akine gemstones, garnet gemstones, zircon gemstones, olive beryl, emerald beryl, quartz cat’s eye, feldspar gemstones.

Agate jewelry

agate bracelet

In terms of color, there are white agate, gray agate, red agate, blue agate, green agate, yellow agate, sheep’s liver agate, gallbladder blue agate, chicken blood agate, and black agate.

According to the pattern, there are lantern agate, algae agate, silk agate, and tortoiseshell agate. In China’s northeast, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, and Guangxi are produced.

Stone jewelry

lapis lazuli chain

The stone contains turquoise, lapis lazuli, hibiscus stone, wood metamorphic, peach blossom stone, malachite, blue grain stone, sheep liver stone, tiger’s eye stone, and Dongling stone, among which turquoise is Yunyang area in Hubei Province, China.

Crystal Jewelry

Crystal pendant

Crystal includes amethyst, topaz, ink crystal, tea crystal, soft crystal, bristle crystal, and hair crystal. It is produced all over North and South China.

Jadeite jewelry

Jadeite has purple jadeite, red jadeite, gray jadeite, yellow jadeite, and white jadeite, but green jadeite is expensive; jadeite is a famous specialty of Myanmar.

Coral jewelry

coral necklace

There are two types of coral: red coral and white coral. Coral is a fossil coelenterate.

Sort by wear part

Jewelry can be divided into rings, ears, chest, wrists, and accessories.


The ring is an essential type of jewelry, but people also wear and buy one of the highest jewelry rates; most people have the first piece of jewelry, the ring. Generally, according to the primary and secondary gemstone setting, the ring can be divided into a single main stone ring, a group of rings with the main stone, and a group without the central stone. Sometimes, it can be divided into male and female rings according to the objects used. Metal rings without gemstones can be divided into gold, silver, platinum, and palladium rings according to the type of metal.


Earrings can be divided into studs, earrings, and ear pliers according to how they are worn.

Stud jewelry is generally welded at the back of the main body of the style with a nail perpendicular to the central plane, the nail through the ear lobe hole, fixed on the ear with the back of the ear.

Earring jewelry is the whole ring, by the finer part of the ring, through the ear lobe hole, and the other end is fixed somehow.

The structure of the earrings is divided into two parts: one part is fixed with the ear, or for the ear stud, or the ear hook. The other part is often the main body of the pendant, which is connected to the upper part in a movable manner.

A clamp or screw is welded on the back of the main body of the style, and it is fixed on the ear by the elasticity of the clamp or the pressure of the screw, and there is no need to wear ear holes.


Necklaces are the most common type of jewelry and appear with pendants. The chain tag is the jewelry connected to the necklace and hung on the neck.


Wrist jewelry refers to jewelry worn on the wrist, such as standard bracelets and bracelets. The bracelet is structurally connected to a chain in an active manner for several gems, with a chain tail welded on the chain and worn on the wrist by fastening the chain tail. The bracelet refers to closed or semi-closed fixed wrist jewelry, the size of which is suitable for wearing when the hand is tightening and not easy to fall off.


The chest mainly includes brooches and tie clips, of which the structure and size of the brooch are not too limited, as long as you can use a pin to firmly pin the jewelry on the chest, so it is often the ideal jewelry type for jewelry designers to display design ability.

The above content will help you; if you need to customize wholesale jewelry, you can contact us, and we will sincerely provide services for you.


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