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Ten kinds of precious green stones

Green diamond

Green diamond ring

Green diamond refers to the green variety of diamonds, which is rare and varies in hue. In a green diamond, the depth of green is often different, and the green of green diamonds is usually light green and brilliant green.


Emeralds ring

The most famous variety of green gems, after all, emerald is known as the king of emeralds, or the international jewelry industry recognized as one of the four precious stones; it is an ancient variety of gems, especially the emerald green, the color elegant and advanced by people’s favorite.


Jade ring

The name jade comes from the name of a bird with beautiful fur. It is loved by beauty lovers all over the world.

Green garnet

Green garnet ring

A garnet is a garnet group, the color from light green, yellow-green to emerald green; garnet can contain commonly known as “horsetail” asbestos fiber inclusions, which very unique. Now on the market, you can choose a suitable garnet color, almost 2,000 dollars a carat.


Tsavorite ring

Tsavorite belongs to a kind of garnet; the color is green and beautiful, very charming.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline ring

Green tourmaline refers to green tourmaline varieties, green color span is also relatively large, and green ranges from strong green-blue to green-yellow, and it is a very cost-effective green gemstone variety.

Green sapphire

Green sapphire ring

Green sapphire is green because it contains iron, cobalt, vanadium, and other elements. Green sapphire was initially mistaken for emerald and called Eastern emerald. But the price of green sapphire is low.

Vanadium chrysoberyl

 chrysoberyl ring

As the name suggests, Vanadium chrysoberyl is the “vanadium” color of chrysoberyl; in the chrysoberyl family is a rare variety, and green is fresh.


Olivine ring

Olivine is one of the oldest gemstones in nature and the most critical green gemstone in history.


Fluorite ring

Fluorite is also known as “soft crystal, colorful gems, rainbow gems.” Because it is like crystal, but the hardness is lower than crystal, it is also called a “soft green crystal.”


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