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Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Hangzhou, Alibaba is the world’s largest B2B e-commerce platform for cross-border trade. It has more than 151 million registered members, covering more than 5,900 commodity categories in 40 different industries and 20 million active overseas buyers, covering about 200 countries and regions worldwide. If you are a foreign buyer, you can consider using the Alibaba platform, where you can see many commodity categories, such as agricultural products, electronic products, clothing, jewellery, auto parts, office supplies, and so on. After you find the goods you need, you must carefully check the information of the goods and the information of the sellers of the goods. Even if you need to submit some suitable materials to enter the Alibaba platform, many unqualified merchants are on the forum. According to the survey, the Alibaba International website is the third party cross-border e-commerce platform that foreign trade enterprises choose the most, accounting for about 55.2%, far exceeding other foreign trade websites.


Made in China is the “best cross-border B2B website in China” selected by CCTV. It can divide into the international station and domestic trade station. International standing is a leading integrated B2B trade platform committed to connecting global buyers and quality suppliers in China; you can check my 27 categories in the Chinese manufacturing network and 3600 child category of product information. You can also on this website wholesale and buy whatever you want products. Such as light industrial products, consumer electronics, industrial equipment and components, building decoration and so on. Made in China takes part in large exhibitions every year in North America, Europe, Middle East, South America and other places. Even if you want to start a business and can’t find a suitable supplier, you can consider this website to find your excellent suppliers and work with them.


Founded in 1970, Global Source is a leading multi-channel B2B company with more than 1.5 million international buyers, including 95 top 100 retailers, serving 240 countries and regions. You can find many different categories of goods on this website, such as intelligent living electronics, LED and optoelectronics, mobile electronics, clothing and footwear, etc. You can do wholesale and sales on this website. If you spend some time scanning, you can find many excellent suppliers, but many suppliers are foreign trade companies, there are many factories, it is up to you to choose. Global resources trade website for buyers and sellers to facilitate trade orders and business opportunities, acting as a bridge between local businesses and the world.


Dunhuang Net was founded in 2004 and headquartered in Beijing. Dunhuang network has a customs clearance capacity of more than 50 countries, more than 200 logistics lines and 17 overseas warehouses; suppliers and buyers have spread to 222 countries and regions worldwide. You can see many categories of goods on this website, such as health and beauty products, clothing accessories, small appliances, sports and outdoor classes, etc. You can look for products you need to buy or wholesale, and you can pay for them online. However, this website has some shortcomings; that is, the transaction may be risky, the transaction cycle is long, not suitable for large orders, many are small wholesale.


Founded in 2006, TradeKey connects suppliers, purchasers, manufacturers and importers in 240 countries worldwide and is one of the most popular B2B websites for foreign trade enterprises. And it offers a program called WomenInTrade to support women running businesses. The platform is as elegant and graceful as a woman, and you can find more products than you ever imagined. Even if you are a wholesaler and plan to sell your goods to others on this platform, you should seriously consider this website because the number of inquiries is not very large. However, the influence of Tradekey has not weakened, and it is still very popular with the public.


Many people think of eBay as a C2C platform, but it’s also very active in B2C and B2B transactions. There is a wholesale section in each category of eBay, where wholesale information can be published. Moreover, many Power Seller in eBay has a fantastic purchase volume. They often purchase on eBay and then retail on eBay, and their scale is no less than that of international buyers in GlobalSource. Navigating through the Global site at the bottom of eBay’s home page allows you to post your wholesale information in 26 countries. EBay’s core markets are Europe and the United States, and if your customers are in those markets, this site is the best place to start your business.


Founded in South Korea in 1997, EC21 is one of the top ten B2B foreign trade websites globally. Like, it is a global marketplace, offering primary and premium membership services that make it easy for sellers to create their pages, display products, respond to quote requests and contact buyers. EC21 has offices in China, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Italy, Russia and Pakistan. On EC21, fee-paying members must buy Trade Pro for mechanical and electronic products. Trade OK doesn’t work well for highly competitive products. The EC21 member page allows HTML language, so many search engine optimization techniques can be used, which can bring more target customers.


Wish is one of the largest mobile e-commerce platforms in North America and Europe, with 90% of its sellers coming from China. Sellers of Wish generally choose the distribution mode; Constantly updated new products every day. The reason is that the unique algorithm of Wish can only maintain the store’s activity and get the traffic tilt of the platform by updating every day. Wish uses intelligent push technology to push its favourite products to every buyer, and precision marketing has attracted many customers. The main feature of Wish is its high quality and low price. Many of its products are from China, such as jewellery, mobile phones, clothing, etc.


AliExpress is a cross-border foreign trade platform established by Alibaba for the international market. It integrates order, payment, and logistics and is one of China’s largest cross-border B2C platforms. It covers 220 countries and regions. It Supports local payment methods in 51 countries, with Russia, the United States, Spain, Brazil, France and other countries as the primary transaction markets. Its 22 industries cover daily consumption categories. Its products are very popular with overseas consumers, and the number of buyers has exceeded 150 million.


ECPlaza is a viral B2B foreign trade website in South Korea. Users from 220 countries and regions worldwide, in South Korea, China, the United States, Japan, Chile, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other 45 countries set up buyer support centre, responsible for contacting the local buyers and constantly expanding the buyer community. It has seven English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese stations, including Global Station, Korea Station, America Station, Japan Station, China Station, Malaysia Station, and UAE Station.


ECVV is China’s national high-tech enterprise, committed to providing global buyers with quality supplier product information. Since its establishment, ECVV has registered users in more than 100 countries and focuses on 22 Arab countries. ECVV has a particular influence and reputation in hardware and building materials, electronic appliances, office supplies, lamps, furniture and other industries.


Lazada, either the biggest online shopping sites in south-east Asia, is backed by RocketInternet, a German start-up incubator, the Samwerbrothers, and is mainly aimed at users in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. From 2016 to 2018, Alibaba invested $4 billion to control Lazada and technically overhaul the entire platform system. Lazada has a Chinese-language interface, uses Payoneer’s collection service and requires only a corporate licence and a copy of an ID card to register. If you are a buyer, you need to carefully check the suppliers you find, check their qualifications, and some qualification certificates.


ThomasNet is an industrial product information platform and foreign trade promotion website for North America. For industrial buyers, ThomasNet provides timely information on products, services and suppliers they need. Through ThomasNet, buyers can easily access the detailed information necessary to make a purchase decision, including CAD drawings, product details, supplier product catalogues, etc. ThomasNet is the shopping platform of choice for purchasing professionals, engineers, plant and facility management specialists, and small business owners.


Founded in 1996, TradeIndia is India’s largest B2B comprehensive foreign trade promotion sites, providing a platform for global sellers and buyers to connect and find suitable partners for each other. TradeIndia provides product promotion services to manufacturers, importers, exporters, service providers in India and even the world. Buyers from around the world can find a wide variety of goods here. Popular industries include apparel, copper products and accessories, smart home, home textiles and decoration, medical products, electrical and electronic products, etc.

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