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What are the main types of bracelet materials ?

Bracelet is one of the most cultural pieces of jewelry, from ancient times to the present, with a broad and profound history and culture, each bracelet has a story related to it, or a mother left her daughter’s heirloom, or is a special gift. Bracelets can not only decorate the wrist but also promote human health, so the public loves them. The material of the bracelet is classified into the following categories.

1. Precious metal material

Precious metal material is divided into pure precious metal and Mosaic, general pure precious metal material bracelet: solid gold bracelet, 18K gold bracelet, platinum bracelet, silver bracelet, and broad Mosaic precious metal bracelet, according to the material: 18-karat gold and platinum (usually Pt950), and solid gold are also available as inlaid bracelets (but mostly low-end gems such as chalcedony and onyx or synthetic gems such as synthetic cubic zirconia).

2. Jade material

General jade bracelet materials include emerald and hetian jade (defined as the jade name only, do not do origin). Emerald and hetian jade is a rare material; there are many: chalcedony agate, jade, serpentine jade,  lapis lazuli, turquoise, malachite, almost forgot, jade, and silicified wood or tree.

3. Organic gemstone material

Organic gemstone materials are generally: amber beeswax, tortoiseshell, ivory, and coral. Amber beeswax is more common than white, yellow, red, and blue.

4. single crystal gem material

Single crystal gem bracelet materials are common: crystal, aquamarine, tourmaline, and moonstone.

I will not introduce the precious metal material bracelet we are relatively familiar with; I listed six kinds of more representative bracelets below.

1. Lapis lazuli bracelets

Lapis lazuli bracelet pic

Lapis lazuli, known as the national stone in Afghanistan, was used by emperors to worship heaven. Lapis lazuli is stunning, but its toughness is poor, but the price of lapis lazuli is not high; wearing it also appears to be very elegant.

2. Agate bracelets

Agate bracelets pic

Agate is a cryptocrystalline quartzite, and its storage and production are enormous. The price is meager, and the color is vibrant. Agate also has new varieties; in recent years, prevalent southern red agate price is not high, medium price. According to the survey found that the cost of southern red agate is also falling year by year. There is also a new variety of Yanyuan agate; the excellent agate field is also unique. Salt source agate and other agates have a clear distinction.

3. Hetian Jade bracelets

Hetian Jade bracelet pic

Hetian jade has been used in China for thousands of years and has always been very popular with jade lovers. In ancient China, the best Hetian jade was only used by the imperial palace, so Hetian jade had a high status. Hetian jade, also known as nephrite, jade jadeite. The hardness of Hetian jade is smaller than jadeite, but the toughness is more elevated than jadeite. Hetian jade has famous mutton fat jade, hetian topaz, ink jade, sugar jade, smoke green, and ink. Authentic Hetian jade prices have been excellent and very sought after by people. In the market, many of Russia’s Hetian jade, Korea’s Hetian jade, and China’s Qinghai Province’s Hetian jade are excellent jade materials.

4. Emerald bracelets

Emerald bracelet pic

Emerald is very popular in the jewelry market; the figure is fantastic regardless of price, transaction amount, or turnover. It also has a high status in the jade market. Jadeite is only produced in Myanmar, also known as “Myanmar jade”; it mainly has pyroxene minerals composed of fibrous aggregates. The colors are vibrant; the colors are very bright. The price of much high-grade jewelry made of jade is very high, but the price does not affect people’s vigorous pursuit of jade jewelry. Jade is richer in color

1. green, only green is divided into many types: sunshine green, apple green, and spicy green.

2. Purple (violet in the jargon) is divided into several colors.

3. colorless, colorless glass species of a few years before up, up.

4. yellow, these are rare, and the price is reasonable.

5. red, is the treasure of the treasure, which is yellow and red called Philippe, other called Cui.

6. white, It looks like a standard color to people.

7. black ink is also excellent and black chicken in recent years.

8. Blue. That’s rare. Some of the best are beautiful, but the prices are also terrible. Attention, there is now a dangerous material called jade cautious—the color of jadeite monochrome and various colors. Most are multiple colors, such as white with green, green with yellow, white with purple, and multiple colors.

5. Aquamarine bracelets

Aquamarine bracelets pic

Aquamarine is close to a precious stone; some experts call it a semi-precious stone, mainly blue; some pure body can be made into ring face jewelry; we can see that the aquamarine grade is relatively high. Aquamarine price is not high; the average person can buy it casually. Prices have also risen in recent years, but not by much.

6. Larimar bracelets

Larimar bracelets pic

Larimar in the market is not much, but the price is low; the pattern is lovely, mainly blue, and some of the best are very beautiful. Similar in color to aquamarine.


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