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Is the gem material of brand jewelry superior to niche jewelry ?

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Is the gem material of brand jewelry better than that of niche jewelry? Which is not absolute.

Van Cleef & Arpels, for example, use heat-treated gemstones for their hidden inlays, which are very easy to understand. Suppose the gem is entire without heat treatment. In that case, it is not easy to find the treasure with the same color in the market and can be mass-produced and sold, so it is customary to choose the gemstone with heat treatment. However, small and medium-sized sellers do not have brand advantages. To better find the product’s selling point, they can only use the benefits of the gem itself to promote it. Therefore, most small and medium-sized sellers emphasize that the gemstone is not heat-treated.

Most of the time, we buy jewelry materials and jewelry brands. Compared with other small stores, the brand jewelry material will be more guaranteed, the reception and after-sales service will be better, and the overall people will be more satisfied. However, it does not mean that small and medium-sized jewelry sellers are not good. There is also much jewelry made of the same material, and the craft is similar to brand jewelry. Although the jewelry of small and medium-sized sellers is identical to that of brand jewelry, small and medium-sized sellers lose in brand building. Sometimes the work and style of things from small shops will be more distinctive and look better when going out. Therefore, we don’t have to take the big brands as the only choice, to observe and compare, and finally, make a decision.

There is no perfect person in the world, and there is no absolute thing. It is not right to only consider the material of gemstones except for other factors. We should think about this problem under limited conditions.

We can increase our understanding of branded and niche jewelry from the following points.

1. Added value of the brand

When we wear branded jewelry, we naturally feel more glamorous, confident, and superior than ordinary jewelry.

2. High costs

Brand formation and maintenance costs are high, involving jewelry material, design, research and development, materials, brand publicity, and personnel costs; consumers must bear these costs.

3. Low in high jewelry

Suppose we have enough money to buy mid – to high-end jewelry. In that case, we will choose brand jewelry because the jewelry of suitable materials will first select. However, let’s only buy low-end or affordable jewelry. The priority of the jewelry material has to be lowered, which means that the brand jewelry material of the same price may not be as good as the customized material. Most of the expensive jewelry is from famous jewelry brands, and each brand has its unique design style, carefully crafted.

4. Advanced elements are added

Rare brand jewelry in material and design, as well as craft, generally have its unique, excellent quality, durable, refreshing, and pleasing to the eye; each is a precious work of art, they continue to shape the personality and charm, always walk in the forefront of fashion.

5. Cheap raw materials for gemstones

Major brands choose plain jade because of the beauty of the stone itself but also because of cost control. Because the ordinary jade output is relatively large, the price is relatively moderate; it can meet the public’s demand and not worry about the cost being too high. As a prominent jewelry brand, the sales volume is very considerable, the need for raw materials is naturally significant, and only inexpensive gemstone materials can significantly meet the market demand. But even affordable stones are carefully selected, carefully designed, and crafted.

6. Value stripped of the brand

The price of brand jewelry is high. It is not only about the quality of raw materials but also the brand value, that is, the brand premium. Then, of course, there are the elaborate design, craftsmanship, and advertising costs, which comprise a large part of the price of branded jewelry. Say a word, a lot of hefty brand jewelry price is not high if they compare raw materials in the world of the gem; it is very ordinary, far from ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal, so radiant. However, they are more on the design and process, through brand packaging, has become a hot style, It has become a piece of famous brand jewelry. Therefore, the premium of its brand is very high.

Buy brand jewelry as value is not worth, and have to see consumer consumption idea. When buying jewelry, many people tend to buy classic jewelry from big foreign brands to reflect their life tastes and status. However, when the money needs to be mortgaged, the price is pitifully low because its material is ordinary; it is not worth much money; the pawnshop only looks at the material and will not tell you about the design and technology.

For example, the decorative diamond is usually less than 5 points, and the price of the material is ten to dozens of dollars. Some people spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to buy a big brand bracelet of this material. When the time comes, the lack of money to pawn shop mortgage, the price can be expected to be pitifully low. When the cultural value of luxury goods is removed, the only value left is its material value. Therefore, the gemstone material of brand jewelry is not necessarily better.

7. The brand jewelry uses high-quality inlaid materials

Brand jewelry, in a sense. On the other hand, it’s much better than usual. Because when you want to create a piece of fine jewelry, the quality of gemstones and setting materials is the most important. The best material for setting high jewelry is gold, platinum, or 18K gold, not only because such material has particular value but also because the insetting effect of this material is better, which can improve the quality and grade of jewelry. Regarding the collocation of inlaid auxiliary stone, a dazzling broken diamond is the best choice. Selecting a natural diamond for inlaying can enhance the shining effect of the main stone, enhance the sense of luxuriance, and create a luxurious and dreamlike visual effect. Big brands are famous, although also derived from his pyramid scheme. However, most of them should be recognized by consumers and support the reliability and quality of products. It should be different from ordinary brands in its gorgeous display. Our purchase is the recognition of big brands and the affirmation of quality.

8. Buy jewelry through formal channels

Formal channels to buy jewelry are guaranteed, jewelry is also a minute of the price of a minute of goods, in the choice of time must not have the heart, can only say that the relatively cost-effective jewelry. Style is also essential. Every jewelry brand has its characteristics for each type of jewelry. It is suitable to choose the jewelry material according to the brand. So in terms of brand selection, I prefer big brands. The material they have access to should be better sourced. But there are also some less unscrupulous merchants, so you have to keep your eyes open to buy jewelry so that it will not be confused by the surface.


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