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Top 10 tips for buying gold jewelry


Gold jewelry is good or bad mainly depends on the gold color and production process; professional gold jewelry people especially look at the color and function of gold jewelry; ordinary people can not, from a professional point of view, distinguish good or bad, so we need to rely on the credibility of the brand to judge. Among the many gold jewelry brands, it is recommended to prioritize brands with good reputations. This article will introduce some points to pay attention to when buying gold jewelry.

1. Whether there are marks on the gold jewelry

The key to the gold jewelry itself, no matter which brand, is to see the color of gold jewelry. K is the unit of gold content. 1K=4.1666%. Ordinary gold jewelry consists of 9K, 14K, 18K, 22K, and 24K. The gold content of 9K is 37.5%, that of 14K is 58.5%, and that of 18K is 75%. The 22K gold content is 91.6%, and the 24K gold content is 99.9%. In addition, according to the provisions of international standards, gold jewelry must be marked with relevant marks, pure gold jewelry, gold content is not less than 99%, the word mark on the jewelry is solid gold; Gold jewelry with a gold content of not less than 99.9%, with the word mark of pure gold 999; Gold jewelry with a gold content of not less than 99.99%, the word mark is pure gold 9999; The 18-karat gold jewelry is stamped Au750 or G750.

2. Check whether the test certificate is consistent with the mark on the gold jewelry

When buying gold jewelry, we must see whether the color and weight information on the national inspection certificate are consistent with the marks on the jewelry.

3. Making technology of gold jewelry

We also need to look at how gold jewelry is made. The making technology of gold jewelry reflects the fineness of jewelry making, which is also an important reason for the quality of jewelry. Exquisite, exquisite production technology can better show the quality of jewelry.

4. The Surface condition of gold jewelry

Gold is relatively soft and easy to wear. When we select gold jewelry, we must pay attention to whether there are scratches on the surface, broken marks on the joints, and smooth edges.

5. Use gold jewelry brands

Suppose we cannot judge the quality of gold jewelry by ourselves from the color and manufacturing process. In that case, we can only rely on the brand, which will test the quality of gold jewelry. But that does not mean the brand; the gold jewelry must be good. Even if you choose a brand, read the inspection certificate and jewelry marks.

Note: Gold purity is not directly related to price. Although the cost of gold jewelry has a special relationship with the purity of gold, its price is mainly associated with the production process, and brand value added. Gold jewelry pricing is generally divided into two situations: one is a fixed price, and the other is weighed by the gram. If the price is set well, the premium is relatively high based on the cost of gold raw materials. Generally, pure gold jewelry with complex or new manufacturing technology, such as 3D intricate gold jewelry and 18-karat gold.

6. The difference between Old and new gold

“Old” and “new” refer to the gold of different ages, not the gold’s age. Old gold is tough, new gold is hard. After the old gold is processed, there is a process called “burning again.” The purpose of using fire again is to reduce the hardness of gold and enhance the toughness and ductility, which in the past when the technological level did not develop, was more conducive to the manufacture of gold jewelry with a variety of styles. The new gold is also the modern gold jewelry because the processing technology is increasingly advanced, entirely not restricted by toughness, so more inclined to improve the hardness of gold is conducive to wear. The old gold is yellow in color, and the new gold has strong luster. In the past, to make the color of gold more beautiful, gold shops would use some yellow ginger powder to color the processed gold jewelry. Therefore, when the old gold is compared with the new gold, the old gold will be more yellow. And in modern aesthetics, the shiny visual effects of the new gold are more embedded than the yellow of the old gold. As a result, after further gold processing is completed, polishing becomes an essential process. In addition, after many years of wearing the old yellow gold, the surface will be oxidized to form a layer of coated pulp, which is not as good as the new gold. However, some think such old gold is as valuable as antiques.

7. Several benefits of wearing gold jewelry

1) It has the effect of delaying aging

The formation process of gold is very long and will be affected by many factors in the formation process, so gold is a kind of precious metal with a strong antioxidant effect. The antioxidant effect of gold can inhibit the human body from producing a large number of peroxide and free radicals, reduce the invasion of harmful substances, especially for women, has a specific anti-aging effect, and can make facial skin reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

2) Improve personal temperament

Gold rings, necklaces, gold bracelets, and gold earrings are made with designers’ ingenuity and modern technology, which are as exquisite as other metals. Choosing the correct type of gold jewelry can enhance a person’s temperament.

3) The role of preservation and inheritance

Some people think gold acted the role of the article not to have a value because it is consumable; besides the value of gold itself, others added the cost such as design fee, gold jewelry is inferior to gold coin, gold bar value of value. But in consumer goods, gold jewelry, and other materials of the ornaments compared, gold is not easy to oxidize, not easy to deformation, or has very superior value; some can be used as a family heirloom.

8. The degree of wear and tear of gold jewelry during production

We try not to take gold to small workshops to make gold jewelry by hand. It is usual for gold to be worn out in the process of making gold jewelry. However, if you go to a small workshop to make gold jewelry, the gold will wear out even more because some people will steal your gold. I have consulted many professionals in gold jewelry factories, and they all say that the maximum loss of gold in handmade gold jewelry is 0.5 grams, which will not exceed this value. Therefore, whether making gold jewelry or changing the style of gold jewelry, we must pay attention to the loss of gold and try not to exceed 0.5 grams.

9. Can Burn Gold Tell the Truth?

We all know that burning gold is a good identification method, but it is not suitable for most people. The melting point of gold is 1063℃. When a flame with a temperature of 1000℃ is sprayed into the gold, the real gold will burn brighter and become transparent. In contrast, the fake or less pure gold will turn black or other colors or even melt quickly. Please note that the required flame temperature is 1000℃. For the gas cookers and lighters used daily, the flame temperature is only a few hundred ℃, which will not only fail to play the role of detection but will dirty the gold.

10. Are gold rings, pendants and bracelets easily deformed?

The hardness of gold is similar to that of nails. In the case of long-term wear, the deformation of gold jewelry is very typical. No matter what brand, it is easy to deformation as long as it is solid gold. Gold jewelry deformation, it is best not to correct their own hands, especially hollow gold pendants; it is accessible to damage and should be returned to the gold shop in time for repair.


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