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The difference between jewelry and accessories

Friends who like jewelry must have found some necklaces or pendants similar in style to big-name jewelry, but the price is very different. This Case is a question many readers have wondered!

Today we are going to analyze the difference between jewelry and accessories.

Jewelry metal vs. accessory metal

18 karat white gold ring image
18 karat white gold ring

The most common precious metals are gold and platinum. Precious metals are not unique and of high value but also stable. After hundreds of years, precious metals will not change much. So they are qualified to be used in jewelry that can carry human emotions and even hand down from generation to generation.

However, there is still an individual difference between precious metals. Gold can divide into more common 24K gold, 22K gold, 18K gold, 14K gold,9K gold. 24K gold is pure gold, which means that the gold content of jewelry is greater than or equal to 99%. Although 24K gold has high gold content, it is more stable, easy to oxidize, and easier to maintain. Because its low hardness is not suitable for setting gems, the style is relatively single.

The most common type is 18K gold jewelry.24K gold is pure gold, 18K gold is an alloy with at least 75% gold content. 18/24 gold content and the remaining 25% is other precious metals, including platinum, nickel, silver palladium, and gold. 18K gold is a gold ornament with lower cost and more comfortable wear. The calculation method of gold is to divide pure gold into 24 parts. 24 K gold is pure gold, but in reality, there can not be 100% gold, so China’s 99.6% or more gold regulation can be called 24K gold.

The benefits of using 18K gold are many. It is higher than the hardness of 24K gold, not easy to deformation, and according to the different metal of 25%, can deploy many colors. The most commonly yellow, silvery-white, rose gold, there is a small amount of black, purple, brown, gray, and other colors. Some brands have developed proprietary technology unique to the brand to create a unique K-gold color.

There is also platinum. Platinum is composed of platinum elements. It is also a rare, precious metal, the purity of platinum (Pt990), Pt950, Pt900, Pt850 four. The color of 18K platinum is slightly yellow, and platinum is cold silver-white. However, in most cases, the finished jewelry of both materials will be rhodium-plated so that you will look similar in color.

Accessories with metal, the most commonly used is copper, steel, alloy, and other materials. These materials are worthless, easy to discolor, and rust. The service life is quite limited. Wear a period it is no longer you bought when the bright and beautiful look, I believe many friends who love jewelry have experience.

Jewelry gems VS accessories materials

Rose gold ruby flower ring
Rose gold ruby flower ring

The most significant part of the value of jewelry can attribute to the precious stones used. Natural gems embedded in jewelry are beautiful, scarce, durable, and non-renewable resources. Their value is continuously increasing as resources decrease.

And in the design of accessories, we will also see all kinds of “gems.” These imitation gems are usually glass, plastic, synthetic cubic zirconia, and other low-cost materials. However, the appearance is very like gems. A closer look at the texture and luster is still much different. We usually buy with the naked eye can be identified. Of course, as technology improves, some are hard to tell from the naked eye, but in general, no matter how similar they look, they are not worth the same as natural gems.

Genuine pearls VS fake pearls

Comparison of real and fake pearls image
Comparison of real and fake pearls

Of course, all pearls used in jewelry are natural pearls. However, genuine pearls can also divide into natural and cultured pearls. Wild pearls are so precious that they are usually only seen on jewelry sold in auction houses, and 99 percent of the jewelry available on the market are farmed pearls. Cultured pearls can divide into seawater cultured pearls and freshwater cultured pearls. In recent years, Akoya pearl, called “small bulb,” is a kind of seawater cultured pearl.

There is also a kind of fake pearls made of plastic or glass, etc., and then coated and colored with pearlescent paint after secondary processing. In this way, the pearl period is shorter, and the cost is lower than genuine pearls. Of course, the appearance must lack pearl luster and spirit dynamic, and this kind of fake pearl is easy to peel. After a period of wear, wear will naturally show their true colors, can not wear.

For example, Dior launched a new season of Fine Jewelry in 2019: the Teddy D. Teddy D series consists of three pieces in total: long necklaces, necklaces, and bracelets. Let’s look at this set of “jewelry” materials: resin beads, artificial crystal, common metal. In terms of material, it’s a little better than cheap street jewelry but limited, probably not as good as Pandora or Tiffany’s, because at least they use silver.

Jewelry craft vs. accessory craft

Jewelry craft image
Jewelry craft

Jewelry or accessories can design to be very artistic. But it is precisely because the value of jewelry is significantly higher than the value of accessories (both the actual value and the investment value of collection). That more artists are willing to explore and invent new techniques for jewelry.

In 1948, Mrs. Simpson ordered Cartier to design a piece of leopard-shaped jewelry completely inlaid with rare gems. The texture must be as soft and gorgeous as cats’ fur, and the lines should also have the beauty of wild muscles. Ms. Jean Toussaint, then the creative director of Cartier, took on Case, and it took a year to produce the effect Simpson wanted. At the same time, more precious Cartier since then has the unique “fur Mosaic method.”

The “fur inlay” craft consists of tiny gold thread pressed flat on the gem, tightly encircling the rock. Combined with the honeycomb hollow and transparent base of diamond inlaid and decorated with colorful jade and stone light vivid show the texture of wild animal fur.

Of course, we should also choose our favorite jewelry or accessories according to our actual economic situation. In my opinion, what you like is the best. Listen to the call of your heart, do not blindly follow the current.


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