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18K gold VS platinum and 14K VS 18K

18K gold and platinum are two common jewellery materials. Many pieces of jewellery we see in the market are made of 18K gold and platinum. They are similar in appearance, but they are two completely different metals with apparent differences in material composition, price, inlaying material, and durability.  So many consumers in the purchase of diamond ring will be entangled in the choice of 18K gold diamond ring or platinum diamond ring, then 18K gold and platinum which good?  What about 18-karat gold and platinum?

What’s the difference between 18-karat gold and platinum?

The difference is mainly from the material composition, price, Mosaic material, and durability of these four aspects to introduce the difference between 18K gold and platinum.

1.Material composition difference 

18 karat gold swan pendant set with diamond
18 karat gold swan pendant set with diamond

What is 18K gold?

18K gold is an alloy containing 75% gold and 25% other precious metals.  18-karat gold is an alloy made by melting gold and other metals. It has 75% gold, so gold is the main ingredient.  Due to 25% other metals, 18K gold can eventually appear in various colours. 18K gold is exceptionally rich in colours, including white, rose, yellow, purple, blue.  These different colours of 18-karat gold are made of other precious metals in different proportions.

The ratio is as follows:

18K blue gold75% gold+iron(appropriate)
18K black gold 75% gold+heavy iron
18K purple gold 75% gold+lead
18K yellow gold 75% gold+nickle+silver+zinc
18K rose gold 75% gold+copper+silver+zinc
18K white gold 75% gold+nickle+silver+platinum+zinc or 75%+palladium
different colours of 18-karat gold are made of

Usually, white and rose gold are the most common colours, while blue, purple and other colours are the most creative ones designed by independent studio designers.

What is platinum?

Platinum is a naturally occurring white precious metal.    Platinum, referred to as Pt, is a natural pure white precious metal.  It is known as the “King of precious metals” because of its natural purity, precious and rare, and never fading.  According to the different gold content of platinum, there can be Pt850 platinum, Pt900 platinum, Pt950 platinum, Pt990 platinum or Pt999. In the jewellery market, Pt950 platinum material is common. The colour of platinum is very similar to the colour of 18K platinum, and they are both white.  There is also a big price difference.

It doesn’t matter that the naked eye cannot identify platinum and 18K platinum. The logo can distinguish them. Platinum is represented by Pt, such as Pt950, where 950 means that the platinum content of the jewellery is 95%.  The imprint of 18K gold is 18K, AU750 or G750.  Usually, the material of the ring is marked on the inside of the ring, and the necklace is marked where the connection is.

2.The difference in price

 We often see jewellery of the same style on the counter. The price of platinum is higher than that of 18-karat gold because 18-karat gold is an alloy, so it is much cheaper than platinum.

Platinum is scarce, found in the earth’s crust in concentrations of just 0.005 parts per million.  Platinum is also harder to extract than gold. It takes about 10 tonnes of platinum ore and eight weeks to extract an ounce of platinum, while it takes about five tonnes of gold five days to extract an ounce of gold.

In the recovery value of 18K gold and platinum, 18K gold is more popular because platinum is not hard currency and recovery loss is more extensive than 18K, and 18K gold has the value of gold, recycling channels, the general ordinary gold store can be recycled.

3.The difference in tessellation material selection

First, the hardness and ductility of 18K gold material are higher than that of platinum material, which can fully meet the requirements of inlaying. There are more creative expressions in the design of ornaments, while platinum is the opposite.

Second, the colour of 18K gold is rich, the choice of space is also significant, different colours of K gold can choose various gems, such as white K gold is more suitable for cold colour gems, yellow K gold is ideal for warm colour gems, such as red diamond.  Rose gold karat gold suitable for inlaid gem colour is more, is now popular colour on the market.

Third, although the purity of platinum is high, 18K gold, because of its high hardness, it is not easy to deformation, so it is not easy to lose when setting gems, which is more firm than platinum.


The 18-karat gold is yellowish and is usually covered with an electroplated coating when making jewellery. People wear off after a long time, commonly known as fading.  Platinum is stable and has the characteristics of never fading.

18K gold and platinum, which good? 

Platinum necklace clavicle chain with mossan stone image
Platinum necklace clavicle chain with mossan stone

1.In terms of colour and style

18k gold is mainly made of gold and other metals together. The patterns in style are more diversified and very fine. There are more choices on the colour, so it looks beautiful.

2.In terms of price

The price of 18k gold will be much lower than platinum, very affordable, cost-effective.

3.By temperament

Platinum is a very precious pure natural precious metal. Hardness is the largest of all precious metals so far. Hence, its style is relatively delicate and complex. Wear up will be more concise and generous temperament.

What are the pros and cons of 18-karat gold and platinum?

18 karat gold lace lace ring image
18 karat gold lace lace ring

Platinum pros: platinum, silver-white lustre is not with the time and dim, it can always maintain the natural silver-white, and toughness, memory is solid.  And the platinum is reliable tough. 1 g of platinum can stretch 2000m of platinum wire, making the different textures of jewellery.

Platinum cons: the hardness of platinum is not very high. The hardness of the alloy is not as good as 18K gold, so the deformation probability of wearing time is more excellent than 18K gold.  Similarly, if a large carat stone is set with platinum, it tests the artisan’s skill.  If the craftsman is not good, the set claw may come loose, losing the gem.

Pros of 18K gold: 18K gold is an alloy of gold and other metals because the addition of different metals will present different colours, which makes 18K gold looks very fashionable.  The ductility and hardness of 18K gold are also relatively high, compared with platinum, more flexible to show the creative shape of jewellery.  In terms of price performance, 18K gold is also more expensive than platinum.

Cons of 18K gold: 18K white gold, its natural colour is white with a slight yellow tone, is not pure bright white, so in the production process, generally in its surface plating a layer of precious metal rhodium, so that 18K white gold shows a more bright silver.  But the scale will be worn during the wearing process so that the original K gold is exposed. It will make the metal look yellow.  But don’t worry too much about this, just re-plating, you can restore the shine.

What is the difference between k gold and platinum?

differenceplatinumK gold
purityMore than 85%, mostly between 90%-95%Various purities.  Common 14K (58.33%) /18K (75%) /24K (99.9%) 
Whether the fadedNo. Platinum natural pure white, never fade.Yes,K platinum, K rose gold wear for a long time will be slightly yellowing.  
weightPlatinum is heavier than other metals.  Platinum jewelry weighs about 40 percent more than karat gold by the same volume It’s lighter than platinum jewelry.
rarity30 times rarer than goldrelatively common
hardnessSoft and easy to deform.Hard, can be made into complex jewelry
the difference between K gold and platinum

What is the difference between 14k gold and 18k gold?

Heart-shaped 14K ring for women image
Heart-shaped 14K ring for women

1.Different gold content

As a standard alloy, we can calculate according to the amount of gold content.  The difference between 14K gold and 18K gold is the difference in their gold content. Since 24K is pure gold, according to the calculation formula of 1K=1/24, the gold content of 14K is almost 58.3%, and the gold content of 18K gold is 75%. Therefore, the number in front of 18K gold is more significant, so the gold content of 18K gold is higher than 14K gold.  Compared with gold, however, both alloys are strong enough to be used for setting gemstones.

2.Differences in hardness

Generally, the gold content of 18K gold is higher than the gold content of 14K gold, so the other metal elements added in 18K gold are less than the other metal elements of 14K gold, so the hardness of 18K gold is lower than the toughness of 14K gold, and the hardness is smaller than 18K gold, but whether it is 14K gold or 18K gold can be inlaid with a variety of gemstones.  But 18-karat gold jewellery is not as intricate as 14-karat gold jewellery.

3.Different prices 

From the price point of view, 14K gold because of the low gold content, the price is lower than pure gold and 18K gold, the price is moderate, is a more affordable choice.

4.Different uses

14k gold itself has the same gorgeous gold as gold, and the hardness of pure gold does not have. Therefore, the choice of 14K gold to customise, which can not be subject to plain gold or stone constraints, is a joker metal.  18 karat gold contains 25% other metals, can be made into different colours, such as white, yellow, rose red, respectively called: white 18 karat gold, 18 karat gold, 18 karats rose gold.  The colour variety is much more than 14K gold.

5.Different maintenance skills 

14k gold of south sea gold pearl ring
14k gold of south sea gold pearl ring

14K gold maintenance method

(1) first of all, try to avoid contact with some acid and alkaline chemicals.  Stay away from corrosive chemicals such as chlorine and detergents.  Secondly, pay attention to reasonable collocation, reduce the daily wear and tear, knock and other damage, extend the gold colour life.  

(2) The way to clean 14K gold is as follows: Use a soapy warm water solution, gently clean it with a soft brush, and then gently dry it with a soft cloth.  Unused 14-karat gold jewellery should be stored in a soft cloth bag or airtight bag to protect them from exposure to everyday substances.

18K gold maintenance method

18K rose gold bag pendant necklace image
18K rose gold bag pendant necklace

to avoid the diamond ring and metal and other complex objects collision or friction.  Avoid placing the diamond ring in a too cold or too hot environment. Often with a soft cloth, gently wipe, but do not use chemical ingredients such as hand sanitiser cleaning.


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