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Top 9 jewelry necklace brands popular in China


swarovski crystal necklace pic

SWAROVSKI is the world’s leading imitation crystal manufacturer, providing many high-quality cut crystal stones for fashion, Jewelry, crystal lamp, and other industries. At the same time, Swarovski is also famous for its high quality, dazzling, and highly accurate imitation crystal and related products.


tiffany 18 k gold smile necklace pic

Tiffany’s is an American jewelry and silver company that opened in 1837 and is the queen of Jewelry, known for diamonds and jewelry watches. Innovation and design are the two cornerstones of Tiffany’s brand heritage. Tiffany Blue gift box has become a symbol of the unique style of American fashion.

3.APM Monaco

apm Six-pointed star necklace pic

APM Monaco is a Monaco-based jewelry brand founded in 1982; Originally a manufacturer of original designs, it has established mature design and supply chain capabilities for the services of European jewelers.


pandora rose gold necklace pic

PANDORA Jewelry, a Danish jewelry brand, is one of the world’s top three jewelry brands. Founded in 1982, PANDORA Jewelry has gained popularity among women worldwide thanks to its Moments bracelet and stretches, which provide a way for women to remember important Moments.

5.HEFANG jewelry

hefang pearl necklace pic

HEFANG Jewelry is a Chinese Jewelry brand of the same name created by designer fang the Sun, who launched the Snow series, playground series, and Little Mermaid series before Christmas in 2012. Fang the Sun defined HEFANG Jewelry as inexpensive light Jewelry, young and not extravagant, similar to her age. She hopes to grow up with it, together with the light and gradually become familiar with it.

6.Daniel Wellington

DW 18k gold necklace pic

Comes from the Swedish watch brands to northern Europe contracted design concept, provide consumers with individuation deserve to act the role of choice, in foreign countries, known as the hottest watch brands in the world, the world’s biggest web site everywhere can see it, the development so far, the DW has become each style is the emerging of wrist watch fashion people to ascend; Although DW is famous for its watches, his family is also renowned for its Jewelry and necklaces, which look great with their watches.


LUCKY KILA rose gold necklace pic

The LUCKY KILA brand was founded in 2012 by Jason Wu, a well-known fashion jewelry designer in Singapore, to commemorate his love for his wife. Products are mainly clavicle chains, bracelets, earrings, rings, and other ornaments.

Since its establishment, many young female consumers have rapidly favored LUCKY KILA in Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries. It has won the recognition of millions of young and fashionable loyal consumers. In 2019, it entered the Chinese market and set off a fashion boom of Lucky Gila, which was very popular.


ORANGE CUBE silver necklace pic

ORANGE CUBE, a light luxury brand from Melbourne, Australia, is committed to creating engaging, diversified, and personalized fashion items with trendy design and unique technology, making fashion a special symbol and language for contemporary young people to convey their attitudes and personalities. With the inspiration of “capturing the lucky and shining moments in ordinary daily life,” it digs the beautiful and shining existence in life. It transmits the brand spirit of optimism, beauty, and radiant vitality.


LOLA ROSE clover necklace

LOLA ROSE, a British fashion brand, is famous for its unique watches and accessories. Daily and small luxury fashion watches are her best positioning. The brand was founded in the UK in 2000 by British designer Nikki Gewirtz. As a female designer who has won the Order of the British Empire, Nikki believes that the exquisite design of accessories and the price of a medium can bring more joy to women and make life fun.


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