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Top 10 famous pearl brands in china


mikimoto brand logo pic

Brand establishment time: 1893

Mikimoto is a world-renowned jewelry brand founded in Japan in 1893. It mainly provides pearls, diamonds, gold, and other jewelry. The pearls it provides have high requirements for color and luster and are the best among pearls.


pure pearl brand logo pic

Brand establishment time: 1997

PURE Pearl is a brand of Zhejiang PURE PEARL Jewelry Co., LTD. The company was founded in 1997, specializing in pearl culture and pearl products processing design and sales; products mainly include bracelets, necklaces, pearl jewelry, and beauty products such as pearl powder.


ruans brand logo pic

Brand establishment time: 1988


RUANS is a well-known pearl brand in China founded in 1988, and it is affiliated with Zhejiang RUANS Pearl Co., LTD. The company is specialized in pearl cultivation, processing, design, and sales. Another, It is a representative enterprise in China’s pearl industry and has a high reputation at home and abroad.


tasaki brand logo pic

Brand establishment time: 1954

TASAKI is a famous jewelry brand originating in Japan in 1954. It is renowned for its high-quality pearl quality and unique design. The pearls and jewelry it provides are made of the finest pearls without grinding or shaping, which are highly sought after and loved by women all over the world.


gN pearl brand logo pic

Brand establishment time: 1994


gN PEARL is a pearl brand under Hainan gN PEARL Biotechnology Co., LTD. The company was established in 1994 and mainly engaged in pearl cosmetics, jewelry, health care products, and other products; its products with advanced technology and excellent quality are trendy in the Chinese market.


heren brand logo pic

Brand establishment time: 1997

HEREN Pearls is a famous pearl brand founded in 1997, which belongs to Hainan HEREN Pearls Co., LTD. The company integrates pearl cultivation and pearl jewelry’s design, production, and sales. Its products are all made of high-quality seawater pearls with unique designs.

7. OSM

osm brand logo pic

Brand establishment time: 1968

OSM Jewelry is a well-known pearl jewelry brand under the Zhejiang OSM Group. Founded in 1968, OSM group is a leading enterprise in China’s pearl industry, mainly engaged in cosmetics and jewelry products.


pearl royal brand logo pic

Brand establishment time: 1958

Founded in 1958, PEARL ROYAL is a well-known pearl brand in China. It belongs to Guangxi PEARL ROYAL Investment Holding Group Co., LTD. The company mainly sells pearls such as rings, earpieces, and pendants. The pearls are top-quality PEARL ROYAL pearls produced in Hepu, Guangxi.


angeperle brand logo pic

Brand establishment time: 1993


Zhejiang ANGEPERLE Co., LTD., a famous pearl brand and a professional pearl supplier of favorite Chinese jewelry brands, is a professional pearl company with a whole industrial chain of pearl research, cultivation, processing, and sales.


zhen shi yuan brand logo pic

Brand establishment time: 2001

Zhenshiyuan is a well-known pearl jewelry brand under Zhenshiyuan Jewelry Co., LTD. The company was established in 2001. The pearl jewelry provided by Zhenshiyuan is made of high-quality pearls with round bead shapes and bright luster and has always enjoyed a good reputation among consumers.


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