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How to judge the value of a piece of jewelry ?

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How many people can resist the special glamour of bright and costly jewelry? Speaking of how to evaluate the value of a piece of jewelry, I believe everyone has their standards, but what factors must be considered?

The selection of jewelry material is very important

The quality of gemstones and inlay materials is the most important in creating fine jewelry. The best material to inlay high-grade jewelry is gold, platinum, or 18K gold, not only because such material has a certain value but also because the inlay effect of this material is better and can improve the quality and grade of jewelry.

Dazzling broken diamond is absolutely the best choice in the collocation of inlaid auxiliary stone. The selection of real diamond inlaid can enhance the shining effect of the main stone, enhance the sense of luxuriant, and create a luxury dream visual effect.

Finally, let’s talk about the leading role of jewelry — the main stone, five gemstones, and high-quality semi-precious stones are the ideal choice of high-grade jewelry; the quality of the main stone has a decisive impact on the value of jewelry, in the selection, in addition, to consider the variety of gems, origin, but also to control it strictly.

4C standard (weight, clarity, cut, color)

In addition, special attention should pay to the fact that only natural gems have a collection value, and artificial synthetic gems have no genuine nature and no collection value.

Natural and Scarcity

Jewelry lovers know that fine jewelry, such as Elizabeth Taylor’s emerald jewels and The sapphire ring worn by Princess Diana and now owned by Kate Middleton, is enhanced by its special historical significance or celebrity collection.

Suppose we want to determine the historical value of a piece of jewelry. In that case, it is necessary to resolve the authenticity of the natural nature and quality of the gem. Therefore, the inspection certificate of the rock can also be regarded as the value certificate of the jewelry work. In addition, judging whether a piece of jewelry is antique requires the assistance of the experience and instruments of the connoisseur.

Exquisite Mosaic technology

Making the gem give full play to the introverted but elegant shining luster is the key consideration of the craftsman when creating jewelry. Perfect handwork, flexible changes, and meticulous design are the necessary conditions for making fine jewelry.

An “excellent” piece of jewelry will make any wearer wear the “beautiful” effect.

A rich sense of beauty and art

Jewelry can also be considered works of art, in which various types of beauty are important elements of creation. The design inspiration usually comes from real life. “Likeness in appearance is better than likeness in spirit.” In imitation, every bit of real life, such as the form of nature, animals and plants, and human emotions, is transformed into extraordinary jewelry works.

Successful jewelry works should be able to experience the deep beauty and verve of inspiration source from the results. The unique temperament of inspiration will be injected into the pieces so that the works contain an infinite ornamental and artistic value.


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