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3D hard gold VS solid gold and 3D hard gold VS K gold

The difference between 3D hard and solid gold

3D hard gold mouse pendant pic
3D hard gold mouse pendant

The difference between 3d hard gold and solid gold mainly lies in their hardness, gold content, and remolding. 3D hard gold is a special modern technology that solves the soft texture of gold; it is not easy to shape, and easy to shape scratch these shortcomings. 3D hard gold is four times harder than solid gold.

3D hard gold is a kind of pure gold. However, its production process is “electroforming” technology, so the hardness is very high, 97, also known as “hard gold” by many people, and the usual gold is also “soft gold.” The hardness of pure gold is far less than that of 3D hard gold because the hardness of 3D hard gold is high, so its wear resistance is also very strong; compared with thousand solid gold, it is not easy to wear or scratch. And because of its high hardness, its plasticity is also strong and can produce a variety of complex jewelry. Although many say 3 d solid gold and gold content is the same as the pure, both are still there. Now, most of the pure refer to 24 k gold, pure gold, and the purity of not less than nine hundred and ninety-nine over one thousand of gold. However, 3 d solid gold is pure gold; most of the gold content is ninety-nine point nine percent, just like ordinary inlaying purity, but then pure gold, And the color isn’t as bright as pure gold, which weighs about a third as much as regular solid gold for the same volume.

The production process of 3D hard gold is more complicated. It needs to go through the high temperature of 1100 degrees and then the electro-casting process. After a dozen operations, it takes more than 40 hours to make 3D hard gold jewelry in your hands.

3D hard gold and solid gold value are also very different; the purchase of 3D hard gold needs to include many processing costs; traditional reliable gold processing costs are relatively not so high, so the price of 3D hard gold is higher than conventional solid gold.

The difference between 3D hard gold and K gold

Open bracelet in solid gold pic
Open bracelet in solid gold

People who are not familiar with gold may think that 3D gold is a kind of k-gold, but it is not. 3D gold is a gold product without adding other metals, and k-gold is a synthetic metal, an alloy of gold. 3D hard gold enhances hardness by using technology without adding other metals. At the same time, k-gold generally incorporates other metals to improve hardness and enrich color. In terms of purity, 3D hard gold is higher than ordinary k-gold.

3D hard gold and solid gold have their pros and cons

3D hard gold ruby goldfish pendant pic
3D hard gold ruby goldfish pendant

The biggest advantage of 3D hard gold is its hardness. In terms of style, 3D hard gold is richer than pure gold, lighter than pure gold, and more suitable for wearing. It is precisely because of the high hardness. However, the product itself is thin; the thickness is only 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, so when wearing 3D hard gold, you should avoid collision with sharp objects; please do not artificially test the hardness and wear resistance of the product.

3D hard gold and k-gold have their pros and cons

3D hard gold butterfly bracelet

The hardness of 3D hard gold is about the same as that of 18K gold. Due to the completely different processes, the pair of specific gravity of the two have their advantages and disadvantages. The gold purity of 3D hard gold is higher than that of ordinary gold. When the jewelry is recycled, the value of hard gold is relatively high. The color of gold is richer, which is more fashionable than 3D hard gold.

You should know that the value of gold is constant, but different processes have different costs.


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