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Three Q&A’S for Lapis Lazuli

Natural lapis lazuli bracelet

I believe that many friends have a natural yearning for lapis lazuli. It is one of the oldest jade stones in China and is also the kind of jade favored by the Chinese people. But do you have any systematic understanding of lapis lazuli? Today I will quickly summarize several common lapis lazuli problems, like lapis lazuli lovers, to understand!

Is lapis lazuli a gemstone?

Natural lapis lazuli bracelet

First of all, we need to know what the concept of the gemstone is. Natural gemstone refers to a single crystal that is beautiful, rare, durable, and can be processed into ornaments. Lapis lazuli, however, is a collection of minerals and, like jadeite and He Tian jade, should be accurately classified as jade. But because lapis lazuli is rare and beautiful, it can also be called a gemstone if it is not rigorous.

How to judge the value of lapis lazuli?

Natural lapis lazuli bracelet

The value of lapis lazuli can discuss in terms of the color of the raw material. Carving lapis lazuli should consider the level of materials and technology. Pure blue turquoise with white and gold impurities that the naked eye can’t see is rare. The larger the material, the rarer it is. Small materials are relatively easy to achieve without these impurities. A slight difference in fineness makes a significant price difference. However, the wear of jade should be subject to personal aesthetic preferences, do not blindly pursue the best, so it is hard to avoid being cheated by merchants. Sometimes, imperfect jewelry is another kind of beauty.

What is the difference between old materials and new materials?

Natural lapis lazuli bracelet

The finished product of old and new material, even the instrument appraisal, will not write the difference between the two. However, on the raw material level, there are apparent differences between the two. The most important index is the layer of the new material, which is white and blue, while the old material is a small amount of white silk and white spots. Therefore, the new material is difficult to have more than 20mm thickness of pure blue. Suppose you must ask the difference between the new and old materials finished. All I can say is, please compare it with the real thing. In general, lapis lazuli or have to see more choices, choose the most important in the heart!


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