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14 steps gold or silver jewellery making process

Step 1: Design drawings 

Before making gold and silver jewellery, designers draw sketches of new works on paper and complete the designs with pencils and gouache. This process takes less than a few days, half a month, more than a few months to finalize the design , and also customers send us ideas or drawings , we custom jewelry for them , then, magic begins.

jewelry design
Good idea

Step 2:Plate-making


The plate-making master will start plate-making according to the proportion of the design drawing and the requirements of the factory after getting the design drawing. Three ways to set up a plate are metalworking, wax carving, and CAD. Commonly used is the cad. CAD can measure and calculate the model of the material specification and weight; Not surprisingly, it also has accurate modeling accuracy to ensure production costs and rapid prototyping requirements.

Step 3:Spray wax and make resin models

After the computer version, the computer built a model into the resin mechanism as a model.

Step 4: Make the mould according to the drawing. 

Manufacture mould, this is must-do fine, do a perfect necessary process, this step determines the shape outline of the product. If the mould is a chain structure, such as :(necklace, bracelet, anklet) are generally used forging process, if the mould is the ring, bracelet, pendant, gold need to make wax trees, casting. 

Reverse mould
Reverse mould

Step 5: Dissolve the gold. 

Melt the prepared gold bars and materials into liquid. 

Dissolve the gold
Dissolve the gold

Step 6: Casting the mould. 

The quartz crucible can heat the wax mould to 850-1200 degrees. Then the molten gold is inverted to reveal a single ingredient suitable for processing gold jewellery, such as rings and bracelets. The molten gold was poured into the gypsum mould by a wave centrifugal casting machine, and the first time cools the casting.

casting the mould
Casting the mould

Step 7: Prototype 

After the high-temperature water gun, Cleaning out the single ingredient suitable for processing gold jewellery, and the rudiments of jewellery are come out. 

Manual carving wax
Manual carving wax

Step 8: Prune 

Cut off all the arms of the ring and all the arms of the bracelet and make them separately. Because ring arm, bracelet arm is worn when the most stress and wear place. It also takes a long period of hand forging to change the density of the gold and make it stronger and more durable. 


Step 9: Beat and grind 

The first hammer, then files, to make the gold jewellery more delicate and smooth. Then check the interior of the jewellery, sanding all the dead corners, and grinding needles, grinding wheels, disc grinding wheels, and other tools for fine grinding, further shaping. Much of the gold is unrecoverable during forging and grinding, which adds to costs. 

Beat and grind 
Beat and grind 

Step 10: Polish 

Then polishing, polishing with dilute hydrochloric acid soaking, hydrochloric acid soaking in water for rough polishing, after taking out by hand for fine polishing, repeated polishing after driving flowers, car flowers before the first fried colour. 


Step 11: Car flowers 

Car flower production of related patterns is good. Such as sandblasting, nail sand, nail beads, hand drawing, and other surface treatment. Romanfeel Jewelry sandblasting process is very exquisite. There are many kinds, such as diamond sand, glass sand, quartz sand, diamond sand also points coarse sand, sand, fine sand, glass sand also means 0 sand ten sand, Nailing sand can divide into coarse sand and fine sand. Car flowers can add exquisite decorative patterns to the jewellery, making the jewellery more layered and three-dimensional. 

Car flowers 
Car flowers 

Step 12: Fine polishing by hand 

After finishing the flower, it will be polished by hand again. After polishing, the wearer will feel more comfortable. This sandblasting technology is unique in China. The central performance in the car flower process is the sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional purpose. Have many times to adorn the article of polish, increased the loss of gold significantly, at the same time also make Seiko illuminate the paper to produce a smooth feel and silky smooth texture 

Fine polishing by hand 
Fine polishing by hand 

Step 13: Dry 

We will put the finished product into a steam engine for high-temperature treatment, high-temperature treatment, and drying. 


Step 14: Quality control 

Quality control 
Quality control 

 After drying, we will deliver all products to quality inspection. Quality inspection is for the excellent review of artistry and the purity of gold using imported nuclear element measuring instruments. Put the qualified products into storage, and the unqualified products are re-produced by the jewelry factory


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