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11 ring shapes

Every time I see a different ring, I don’t know how to describe it, and when I go to a jewelry store to buy a ring, I can’t tell the shape of the ring. In fact, according to the classification of the ring shape, each ring has a proper name. Here is to introduce you:

Equal width ring


A ring is a ring surface equal in width, simple and generous, and very popular with young people. Many major international ring styles have a ring-type series.

Countertop ring


A ring is rectangular with various patterns, worn mainly by men.

Couple rings


A pair ring is a ring that both men and women can wear. It is the password of love in the long river of time, accompanied by you, to the ring as proof. Take care of your precious love, so that feeling is a bonus! There are many materials and styles of love rings.

Flower ring


Flower ring with a floral pattern. Generally speaking, as a dress-up, a decorative ring is a flower ring. It only focuses on the shape and does not represent any other meaning. Wear it on whatever finger you like. Flower rings come in many styles and colors.

Multiple rings


Multiple rings are two, three, or more rings stacked together for a very relaxed fashion impact. The set was mainly used as a wedding ring but is now used in other situations.

Twisting ring


The twist ring refers to the designers choosing more twists on the ring, which looks three-dimensional and gives people a feeling of freedom and unfettered. There are many materials and styles of twist rings.

Inlaid ring

diamond ring

Inlaid rings with platinum, gold, K gold, silver, and other metals as ring brackets, inlaid with all kinds of gems rings, called inlaid rings.

Snake Stomach Ring


The face of the snake’s stomach ring is wider than the shape of the back, and the above decoration differs. Generally, it is a living ring, and the circle is usually rounded and curved, packed like a snake’s stomach, and carved with exquisite patterns. This kind of ring is generally suitable for middle-aged and elderly customers.

Flower basket Ring


Flower basket ring with a broad, protruding face.

Smooth ring


We know smooth rings without pattern and inlay, primarily by hand or mechanical hammer ring. The use of soft rings, regardless of gender, can be seen everywhere in life.

Word ring

18Kgold signet ring

The ring is engraved with a writing pattern. Similar text rings were called signature rings in ancient Europe, and the ring face was extensive, engraved with the owner’s surname or initials, and some had family emblems. Signet rings are also written rings.


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