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18K rose gold not equal to 925 Silver plated with rose gold

People love gold, the progress of modern technology has also developed more gold jewelry materials. A variety of materials from which to choose is enough to make people dazzling. Which is better, and what is the difference, between rose gold, which is used in many jewelry pieces, or 925 silver gold, which looks almost like gold?

What is 18K rose gold?

18K rose gold is content 75% gold, 22.25% copper, and 2.75% silver. 18K rose gold is stamped AU750, 18K, or G750. Because of its high hardness and malleability, rose gold is not easily deformed or scratched and can be made into various jewelry styles. Rose gold is also rich in color, depending on the proportion of other metals mixed with it. Many jewelry brands prefer rose gold.

18K rose gold diamond ring image
18K rose gold diamond ring

What is 925 Silver plated with rose gold?

925 silver gold plating uses the electroplating method on 925 silver plating a thin layer of gold, generally in 3-5 microns. The 925 silver gold jewelry is very bright in color, and the jewelry is also very rich in style and affordable.

925 silver plated rose gold heart set with diamond clavicle chain image
925 silver plated rose gold heart set with diamond clavicle chain

The difference between the two?

925 silver gold is not the same as rose gold. The essence of 925 silver gold is 925 silver, wear for a long time, the outer surface of the jewelry will be easy to wear or even fall off, exposing the embryo of silver. In addition, in the jewelry joint or depression, there is no gold plating on the place, or it will be oxidized black. Rose gold is not gold-plated but a mixture of different metals, so it is a completely different concept.

The craftsmanship of the gilding is essentially the same, but there’s a huge difference in quality, which explains why something that looks the same as a different price tag. Some businessmen, to save costs only a layer of plating, coating thin, not wear, corrosion resistance. These electroplated one layer and electroplated three layers of baby, from the appearance is no difference, only time will tell you the answer.

What’s the price difference?

In addition to the brand effect of the big brands, the price of ordinary rose gold jewelry is several thousand yuan. Of course, this refers to the price of rose gold jewelry, not including the various gemstones embedded in the jewelry.

The price of 925 silver gold is several hundred yuan, and it looks no different from gold, so it is also a cost-effective choice. However, it should be noted that 925 silver gold will wear for a long time, and there is no repair value, so take this into account when buying.


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