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20 famous light luxury jewelry stores in different countries


START JEWELRY is a famous jewelry brand in Japan, established in 1946. START JEWELRY is mainly for young people in Japan, so the design is relatively young. Most of the jewelry is primarily designed with stone inlay. With the changeable color and trendy design, the jewelry is more in line with the choice of young people.


AHKAH is a famous Japanese jewelry brand, established in 1997, AHKAH from the very beginning of the brand, from the beginning of the brand insisted on the touch of fashion from nature to get inspiration; from the life of the little bit to inspire the imagination; with the spirit of creating works of art to create the brand’s jewelry.

3. IL&CO

IL&CO is a famous Japanese jewelry brand established in 2016. IL&CO inherits the delicate and elegant style of Japanese jewelry. The design is relatively new and personalized. In addition to pearl necklaces, IL&CO also produces diamond and colored gemstone jewelry.


CIRCLE is a Japanese light luxury fashion jewelry brand founded in 2013. CIRCLE JEWELRY’s mission is to provide jewelry and a lifestyle that allows women to express their hearts and enrich themselves.


AGETE was born in 1990, a vintage jewelry brand in Tokyo, Japan. There are many jewelry elements, from classic models made of natural gold, silver, semi-precious stones, and precious stones, to fashionable models using modern materials, interpreting the various characteristics of gemstones.


JOLEE was founded in 1983 and is mainly distributed in France, England, Ireland, Germany, and nine other European countries. Headquartered in Paris, France, JOLEE is part of the French group JOLEE International. The business is mainly focused on gemstone and semi-precious stone fashion jewelry.


ETERNELLE is a famous French jewelry brand, mainly focusing on fashion crystal jewelry, advocating the simple style, dedicated to the interpretation of love with jewelry.


DAISYFELLOWES is a famous French jewelry brand, officially established in 1982 and headquartered in the capital of France. the designers of DAISYFELLOWES are very good at designing Chinese jade and pearls, creating a very dynamic and exquisite style of jewelry. Moreover, the jewels used by the brand are strictly selected, and the shape and color of each piece of jewelry are specific to create a brand classic.


REDLINE originated in France, officially established in 2014, known as the jewelry industry Haute Couture. Using red rope as a carrier, combining gold and diamonds, giving the red rope a different luxury visual sensation


APM Monaco was founded in 1982 in Monaco by Ariane Prette, initially as a manufacturer offering original designs. It established a proven method and supply chain capability for European jewelers. The family-owned jewelry manufacturer moved its production line to Hong Kong, China, in 1992. The jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver, not a particularly precious metal. However, the design is distinctive and recognizable, and the craftsmanship is delicate, making it a fashionable and popular niche brand.


HELAS is a jewelry brand from an organization established in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in pearl screening founded in 1985. HELAS is mainly responsible for designing, producing, and selling 18K gold jewelry, saltwater pearl jewelry, diamond jewelry, and other precious metal jewelry.


ORANGE CUBE is a fashion brand founded in Melbourne, focusing on various types of delicate luxury jewelry, trendy leather goods, and other young fashion areas.


Michaud, born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, is a unique designer in the jewelry field today, obsessed with nature and doing only one thing in his life, collecting different types of plants from all over the world, drawing inspiration from them, and integrating nature into his jewelry designs.


MONICA VINADER is a famous British boutique jewelry brand established in 2008. Focused on creating high-quality jewelry for all fashionable people to wear in their daily life and special occasions, MONICA VINADER also proclaims individual identity while showing off its taste.


LOUISE KRAGH is a famous Danish fashion jewelry brand established in 2004. Its primary materials are a combination of precision ceramics, pearls, natural stones, and precious metals, handcrafted.

16. TOUS

TOUS is a Spanish jewelry brand founded in 1920 and has nearly 100 years of history as a light luxury brand.TOUS’s leading jewelry, jewelry design style is simple fashion. The brand is committed to letting every woman show the beautiful side of fashion.


UNOde50 is a costume jewelry brand from Spain created by innovative designers in the 1990s. Committed to building a creative jewelry brand that can stand out worldwide, faithful to the original, not deliberately pursuing fashion trends, emphasizing their ideas and personality.

18. AWNL

AWNL is a Swedish fine jewelry brand that combines natural gemstones with energy healing to create energetic and symbolic amulets full of meaning and understated luxury.


LUCK KILA is a famous Singaporean fashion jewelry designer Jason Wu founded in 2012 to commemorate his love for his wife. Its designs are mainly made of 14K gold, 18K gold, 925 sterling silver, titanium, pearls, and zirconia.


PANDORA Jewelry began in 1982, and the brand is positioned as high-quality jewelry at an affordable price, with each piece of jewelry, gemstones, and pearls undergoing multiple tests before being used. Each hand-finished piece of jewelry is checked repeatedly before leaving the hands of the artisan.


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