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About organic and inorganic gemstones

What are organic and inorganic gems?

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Organic gemstones are minerals formed by ancient and modern organisms that meet the requirements of gemstone craftsmanship and contain organic materials derived from animals, plants, and living creatures. Organic gemstones can be used as materials for jewelry or crafts.

Inorganic gems are divided into natural and artificial gems. Natural gemstones: single mineral crystals and natural rocks that are brilliantly colored, transparent, hard, resistant to corrosion, and can be processed to make jewelry and handicrafts. Synthetic gemstones: Synthetic gemstones are those synthesized by artificial means according to the chemical composition of specific natural stones, simulating the physical and chemical conditions that occur in nature. Imitation gems are synthetic glass with beautiful colors and inorganic compounds that imitate diamonds.

What is the main difference between organic and inorganic gemstones?

The main difference between organic and inorganic gemstones: organic gemstones must be related to animal and plant activity and obey the laws of biophysics and crystalline mineralogy. Thus, it is impossible to synthesize organic stones, which are essentially different from inorganic rocks.

What are the common organic and inorganic gemstones?

Organic stones include pearls, coral, amber, coal jade, ivory, giant clams, turtle nails, and fossilized animals. Inorganic rocks include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, crystals, emeralds, and cat’s eye stones.

How to maintain organic gemstones?

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1. Organic gemstones contain organic components and are not very hard, so do not touch or drop them.

2. Keep them away from heat sources (hot water, sun exposure) and acidic and alkaline substances.

3. Sweat, steam, and oil fumes can damage gemstones with air holes (pearls, corals), so do not wear them in places with turbid gases, such as kitchens or saunas.

4. Avoid using chlorinated tap water to clean pearls. You can use pure water. You should use professional pearl jewelry wiping paper, preferably with sheepskin or cloth designed to wipe the beads.

The following details the care of three common organic gemstones


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The main components of pearls are calcium carbonate, protein, and water. We should pay attention to when we wear, collect, and clean pearl jewelry.

1. Keep away from acidic substances. Many people wear pearl jewelry close to the body, take it off, and put it directly into the box collection; after some time found that the pearl luster darkened because the human skin secretion of sweat is also a weak acid, so after wearing to wipe clean to put into the box.

2. Away from heat sources. The protein and water in the pearl are essential components; high temperatures will make the water evaporate, so the protein ages, causing severe damage to the structure of the pearl, which is light yellow and dark, heavy, and completely broken. High temperatures can also dissolve or age the glue that aids pearl inlay, causing the pearl to fall off.

3. Away from bleaching substances and gases. The beautiful color of pearls is caused by organic pigments, which can be easily bleached and discolored by bleaching substances such as 84 disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide, and many daily cleaning agents, especially gold and black pearls.

4. It is best to use pure water or neutral detergent for clean pearl jewelry. Dry immediately after cleaning or blow dry in cold air. Please do not soak the bead chain. The residual water and detergent in the bead hole will corrode the string, and damage the jewelry, each time you wear it with a damp clean, soft cloth to wipe.

5.Swimming, sauna, and spa are not suitable for wearing pearl jewelry; these environments not only hurt the pearl but contain sulfur and chlorine substances that will also corrode the K gold part, while in the water, easy-to-make jewelry slips off lost.

6. Perfume and cosmetics will penetrate the structure of the pearl, polluting the pearl so that the pearl discoloration.

7. Pearl hardness is not high; store it separately.

8. Pearl inlay jewelry needs to be checked frequently for inlay solidity, and pearl bead chain needs to be replaced every 1-2 years to wear rope; the higher the frequency of wear interval time should be shorter.


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Coral is also composed of calcium carbonate, a small amount of protein, and water, but its structure differs from the pearl. Coral and pearl comparisons are easier to maintain.

1.The acid will destroy calcium carbonate, sweat is weakly acidic, but coral is the biggest enemy; sometimes, the neglected red coral surface appears as stars of white “mold” from corrosion.

2.Away from high temperature and bleaching substances, coral color on its value is very heavy; high temperature and bleach will destroy organic pigments and cause fading.

3.Use pure water or warm water to clean coral jewelry; household dishwashing detergent is the most suitable neutral detergent; coral jewelry also can not be immersed in water for a long time. Wash immediately with cold air dry. Coral bead chains also can not be engaged in water cleaning.

4.After cleaning, the coral jewelry surface can be coated with a thin layer of transparent grease to isolate the air and harmful substances. However, pay attention to only using non-flavored, non-pigmented fat, such as mineral oil, cooking oil, and baby oil.

5.Coral hardness is not high, brittle; in addition to the need for separate storage, the wear must also

6.Do not happen to fall and collide. Please do not wear it in swimming, sauna, or spa.


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Amber, composed almost entirely of organic matter, is a fossilized natural resin. Its sensitivity to heat and light, as well as its hardness and brittleness, should be considered when wearing and caring for it.

1.Amber is very sensitive to temperature changes, 150 ° C temperature amber begins to soften, warm up, and gradually decompose and deteriorate. Temperature changes can cause changes in the volume of amber inclusions, causing fissures in the amber. High temperatures can also make amber surface aging into a dark brown film layer and surface cracks.

2.Amber is also more sensitive to light, incredibly ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light can accelerate amber’s aging so that the amber’s surface layer is gradually cloudy, causing loss of luster, and microfractures occur. Therefore, for amber jewelry to avoid prolonged sun exposure, the collection should be displayed as far as possible when the environmental light source does not contain ultraviolet light.


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