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Top 10 Silver Jewelry Manufacturers in China


silver age logo pic

Main products: sterling silver series, gold-plated series, inlay series, Thai silver series, antique silver series.


SILVER AGE launches more than 500 new products every quarter on average, with fashionable, personalized, simple, and elegant styles to meet the diversified and customized needs of most consumer groups to the greatest extent.


chic zone logo pic

Main products: 925 silver, colored zirconium, crystal, jade, and other inlaid fashion silver jewelry.


CHIC ZONE has been focusing on jewelry design and production for 30 years and has been processing jewelry products for dozens of top fashion jewelry brands around the world, and the most cutting-edge international jewelry ideas are as precious as CHIC ZONE designers; the birth of each product of CHIC ZONE comes from the collision and sublimation of dozens of beautiful views. In China, CHIC ZONE is the spokesman for international jewelry fashion.


soulsilver logo pic

Main products: silver jewelry, metal products, handicrafts, leather products.


SOULSILVER is a domestic Chinese sterling silver jewelry processing enterprise with independent design as its core. Since its inception, the brand has cooperated with the fashion industry and show business many times, has received wide attention from the fashion and media industry, and has become an accessory for their work and life.


myshine logo pic

Main products: Chinese style unique silver jewelry series products.

MYSHINE Silver is a comprehensive enterprise covering gold, silver, diamond, and other categories. It is characterized by the “Chinese style,” focusing on creating light luxury, immediate consumption, and rich in auspicious cultural symbolism of the national silver jewelry brand.


china silver group logo pic

Main products:Silver jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, silver ingots.

CHINA SILVER GROUP is a sizeable domestic supplier of silver products and a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in silver production, trading, and retail business with whole industry chain operations. It is a professional silver producer in China and the only listed silver company in Hong Kong. It is one of the few silver manufacturers in China with the ability to produce silver ingots with the highest purity level in the world (99.999%).


master silversmith logo pic

Main products:Silver fashion decoration.


The brand of Old Silver Place has always adhered to traditional Chinese craftsmanship, absorbing and inheriting the ancient culture of the East while perfectly integrating the elements of exquisite conventional skills with popular modern features. Silver products perfectly reflect the pursuit of everyday people, for many years by, the consumer favorite.


ancient silver square logo pic

Main products:Vintage and popular sterling silver jewelry.

Ancient silver square silver jewelry using 925 silver and various natural stones, with semi-precious stones as the primary material; each of our products has exquisite technology, a fashionable appearance, and 100% quality; each work is the designer’s efforts, everywhere showing the popularity, fashion, avant-garde, personality, so that the ancient silver square become the choice of character, choose a style, choose the inevitable option of self!


old silver shop logo pic

Main products:Silver jewelry, silverware.


Suzhou Chuanxi Jewelry Co., Ltd. is one of the brands and is a well-known brand of silver jewelry chain stores in China. It was awarded the first batch of Chinese old-established enterprises and selected as the first batch of representative works of intangible cultural heritage in China. It is sold in hundreds of silver jewelry chain stores nationwide.


hsiung silversmith logo pic

Main products:Silver Jewelry.

HSIUNG SILVERSMITH is a famous Chinese silver jewelry chain brand with a hundred-year history, based on the traditional exquisite handicraft and innovative integration of modern oriental aesthetics and fashion elements.


seven degree logo pic

Main products: development, design, production, processing, wholesale, and retail of jewelry and handicrafts; wholesale and retail of jewelry and accessories made of gold, platinum, silver, and other precious metals, various gemstones, diamonds, pearls, jade, crystals.


The brand advocates the rejection of luxury and cheapness and the pursuit of the perfect expression of temperament and soul.


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