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Where are China’s jewelry processing factories mainly concentrated?

China’s jewelry processing and production share are large. The relatively mature and complete industrial chain is mainly in Guangdong Province. Represented by jewelry inlay processing and production in Panyu of Guangzhou and gold and k-gold processing and production in Shenzhen Shuibei.

Guangzhou Panyu jewelry manufacturer

At present, Panyu district has more than 400 jewelry processing and supporting production enterprises, 80,000 employees, 1,500 color gem processing factories, dozens of factories with more than 1,000 employees, hundreds of ordinary small and medium-sized factories, and more than 500 jewelry designers.

The main jewelry industrial parks include:

Shawan Jewelry Industrial Park,

Xili Industrial Park,

Daluotang Industrial Park,

Xiaoping Industrial Park,

Federal Industrial Park,

Lane Zhubao Industrial park,

Pearl Industrial Park in Dagang Town, and many other industrial parks. Jewelry processing is mainly K gold, silver, copper, natural stone inlaid. The craft is Seiko do goods. Many of the crafts are passed down from Hong Kong experienced plate-making masters. Panyu jewelry quality and style design are in line with the international market, with obvious product advantages.

From January to March of 2021, Panyu imported and exported jewelry worth 8.99 billion yuan. At present, the processing volume of gold and silver jewelry in Panyu accounts for more than 70% of Hong Kong’s entrepot trade and 30% of the global market share. Panyu district has become one of the regions with the largest export volume of gold, silver, and jewelry in China and one of the largest and most concentrated processing bases of gold, silver, and jewelry in Asia-Pacific. Panyu jewelry inlays more than the world jewelry industry giant — Italy Vicenza, is one of the world’s most important jewelry production.

Panyu jewelry trading center image
Panyu jewelry trading center

Shenzhen shuibei Jewelry manufacturer

The gold and jewelry industry in Shenzhen is mainly concentrated in the Wanshan area of the Luohu shuibei. It has gathered more than 1,300 legal jewelry enterprises, nearly 2,000 individual businesses, and more than 20 professional trading markets. By 2019, it had gathered more than 6,900 legal entities related to gold and jewelry, employing more than 76,000 people, with operating revenue of 113.07 billion yuan. There are 27 professional markets, among which 5 have an active area of more than 10,000 square meters.

Shenzhen jewelry processing gold, K gold, diamonds, gemstones inlaid mainly, the process precision is relatively high. The price is also relatively high. After several years of development, low-end processing and manufacturing of jewelry bases have gradually moved out. The industrial chain shows a trend of focusing on high-end industrial chains such as R&D, design, display, and trading.

Shuibei international jewelry trading center image
Shuibei international jewelry trading center

Jewelry manufacturer of Meilong Town, Haifeng County, Guangdong Province

In Meilong Town, Guangdong Province, the town is mainly engaged in gold and silver jewelry processing. More than 4,000 processing enterprises, employing nearly 60,000 people. The layout is scattered, and the operation mode is mostly small workshops. In every 10 residents of Meilong town, there is at least one laborer in 6 households engaged in the jewelry processing industry. Processing jewelry to K gold, silver, brass inlaid miscellaneous stone, production, and processing technology in the majority.

Meilong jewelry trading center image
Meilong jewelry trading center

Dongguan Changan town jewelry

Dongguan Houjie gold jewelry processing industry, as well as Changan processing alloy material jewelry.

Zhuji in Zhejiang province abounds in pearls.

Zhejiang Pujiang with artificial crystal,

Wuzhou in Guangxi is known as the “world capital of artificial gems,”

Yunnan silver jewelry making and gemstone inlaying workers


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