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Gold rolled VS Gold plated VS Gold filled Jewelry:Ultimate guide


What is gold rolled?

Gold rolled is a thin gold or gold foil by mechanical rolling or high temperature dissolved, wrapped in silver or metal body surface. Generally, the thickness ratio of the two is 1:10 or 1:20. Thick gold rolled sheet. Thin gold rolled foil. The gold process is complex, and the cost is higher than others. The wear-resisting degree of gold jewelry is very high, not easy to fade, and the service life is longer than gold plated. However, the so-called gold rolled on the market now. Much gold was plated.

gold rolled image
gold rolled

How much was real gold used?

The material used for gold-rolled jewelry must be higher than 10K gold. The amount of gold used should be more excellent than 1/20 of the overall material. For example, “1/10.14K F” means that the amount of gold used in the 14K gold package accounts for 1/10 of the amount of the whole jewelry material.

Can gold rolled jewelry fade?

Gold rolled will fade. Gold rolled is just a layer of metal on the surface of the utensils. This material will inevitably wear after a long time, and the color will fade after wear. And usually wear gold rolled need to pay attention to avoid contact with cosmetics, detergents, and other products. Otherwise, this kind of product contains chemical components that will corrode the jewelry surface.

Gold rolled will appear the situation of fading. Gold rolled, and gold plated are similar, refers to the surface of the utensils wrapped with a layer of gold. However, gold rolled will inevitably be worn after long-term wear, which will lead to changes in the color of gold-rolled jewelry.

In addition, in the process of wearing gold-rolled jewelry. If the gold-rolled jewelry is often in contact with cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, and other products, the chemical components in these products will gradually corrode the surface of the jewelry. The color of the gold-rolled jewelry will also be affected.

When wearing or storing gold-rolled jewelry, it is recommended to clean the jewelry regularly. To a certain extent, regular cleaning can avoid the accumulation of a large amount of dust, dirt, and other impurities on the surface of the jewelry, and the beauty of the jewelry can be maintained.


What is a gold-filled?

European and American jewelry is a more commonly used gold-filled process. It uses the gold layer (10K gold, 12K gold, or 14K gold) with mechanical treatment in high temperature and high pressure calendering attached to the metal base material. The inner core of gold-filled jewelry is usually rhodium, brass, or metallic silver and can also be alloy material. The United States has regulations on gold-filled jewelry, requiring that the gold content be more than 1/20 of the total weight.

gold filled image
gold filled

Note the difference between gold filled and gold rolled?

Gold-filled and gold rolled process is similar. Only two sides or comprehensive processing is called gold-filled. Single side or partial processing is called gold rolled.

Can gold filled jewelry fade?

The color will fade when the gold is filled. The gold is only a layer of gold film on the surface of the object. The color will disappear when the thing is worn for a long time.


What is gold plated?

Gold plating can be divided into two categories according to the contents:

Gold-plating of homogeneous materials :

Gold-plating refers to gold-plating on the surface of gold /K gold material to improve jewelry’s luster. For example, we commonly have 18K platinum, 18K rose gold, and 18K gold after electroplating treatment.

Gold plating of heterogeneous materials:

Gold-plating of heterogeneous materials refers to the surface of non-gold materials (silver, copper, and other materials) for gold processing to achieve the visual effect of gold.

gold plated image
gold plated

Can gold plated fade?

Gold plating jewelry will fade. There are two reasons for gold plated jewelry fading.One is that the electroplated surface is only covered by a thin layer of gold, which will cause fading if worn for too long. Another reason is that the color of the surface of the electroplated product is plated in the form of electroplating, and the jewelry surface of the product will also fade when worn for too long.

What is good gold plating?

The most important thing for gold-plated jewelry is the thickness of the gold-plated layer and the gloss of the gold-plated coating. Of course, the thicker, the better.

Gold plating uses the electrolysis principle so that gold adheres to the surface of metal or other objects, forming the coating. Generally, silver gold plating and copper-gold plating are standard. They can be plated with rose, silver-white, gold, black, blue, and other metal colors. Not only are there various colors, but gold plating can make jewelry brighter. The gilding process is mature, but the gold layer is also skinny, making it relatively easy to fade.

The thickness of gold plating

Excellent gold-plating thickness: 10~25 micron;

Ordinary gold-plated layer thickness: 2~3 microns;

Cheap gold plating thickness: < 0.18 micron, usually this level of jewelry is called “gold coating jewelry”;

The thickness of gold plating pic

In general, the gold layer of heterogeneous gold plating is thicker than that of homogeneous gold plating.

How to distinguish between real gold, gold rolled, gold-filled, and gold plating?

Look at the mark:

  • Pure 14K gold / 18K gold jewelry will have 14K, G585, AU585/18K, G750, or AU750 words.
  • Gold-filled and gold rolled jewelry will have the word “KF.”
  • Gold-plated jewelry says‘ GP ‘or’ KP.

See fading: gold jewelry gold layer is thick, not easy to wear and fade; Gold-plated layer is thin, worn for a long time will fade;

See price: as a result of craft difficulty reach gold content different, will usually tell, below the circumstance with duplicate content, the cost of wrap gold wants a few more expensive than aureate.

Other types of gold


Alloy wide bracelet
Alloy wide bracelet

Alloy refers to metal and another or several metals, non-metal after mixed melting, cooling, and solidifying solid with metal properties, such as gold, belongs to the alloy category. But the alloy that we say every day generally mainly refers to those that do not contain gold, silver, and other precious metals. We can know it is a very cheap kind of alloy.

Tracing gold

Tracing gold silver bracelet
Tracing gold silver bracelet

Tracing gold is a kind of gold color decoration method. It uses the principal (gold powder) or bright gold (gold water) on the surface of the porcelain decoration pattern or with other decoration as a border or gold use. It even can be used to draw, copy scripture. The use of principal is much more complicated than the operation of bright gold. Because of the high gold content, generally only partially used in advanced products, general products are currently using bright gold (gold water).

Hot stamping gold

Stamping gold agate chain
Stamping gold agate chain

Bronzing, also known as hot stamping, is a printing decoration process, is to heat the metal plate, foil embossed on the printed matter out of gold words or patterns.


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