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Ten standard gold jewelry processing techniques

1. Polishing process

Glossy gold ring pic

Use the polishing machine to polish the surface of gold jewelry to be smooth and bright.

Effect: The polishing process can make the surface of gold with a mirror effect, show the bright metallic luster of gold, and make it look more shining.

2. Embossing process

Carved gold bracelet pic

Use diamond knives with different patterns to rotate at high speed on the surface of gold jewelry to cut out various turning surfaces.

Effect: The flower can add exquisite patterns to the jewelry, making the gold jewelry more layered and three-dimensional.

3. Nail sanding process

Nail sanding process of gold ring pic

The diamond needle of the nail sanding machine rotates and strikes on the gold surface, nailing out the irregular and shiny concave and convex surface, forming the effect of a rough sanding surface.

Effect: Each concave and convex surface is a reflective point, which can form an excellent shining impact of a real star, with a coarse sand surface and a sense of grain.

4. Sandblasting process

Sandblasting process of gold ring pic

After the jewelry polishing, the use of high pressure will be quartz sand or river sand on the bare surface of the jewelry, all or part of the spray, to form a detailed frosted cover.

Effect: sandblasting process can make gold jewelry more textured and hazy soft beauty.

5. Push sand process

Push sand process of gold ring pic

Use sandpaper to push and pull the friction on the gold surface to form a matte abrasive surface.

Effect: The push sand surface can form a silky and soft matte product.

6. Wire drawing process

Wire drawing process of gold ring

I am using the sand pulling a knife in the precious metal surface directional uniform pulling to form a three-dimensional sense of brushed jewelry surface.

Effect: The brushed surface shows a shiny filigree arrangement effect, which enhances the texture and delicacy of gold.

7. Colorful Wire drawing process

Colorful Wire drawing process of gold pendant pic

The machine drill pulls out a strip of colorful filigree pattern on the gold surface.

Effect: The gold jewelry made by the colorful wire drawing process can be illuminated with rainbow-like colors under the light, with excellent visual effects.

8. Filigree process

Filigree process of gold ring pic

The filigree process refers to the fine gold craft that uses fine metal wire to make shapes using coiling, pinching, natural silk, stacking, etc.

Effect: Filigree jewelry is slender, delicate, rich in connotation, and famous.

9. Matte process

Matte process of gold ring pic

Rub the jewelry with an onyx knife partially, used to smooth the lines and angles of the jewelry edge to make the gold surface flat and shiny.

Effect: It can make the gold jewelry level more distinct and three-dimensional.

10. Stamping process

Stamping process of gold locks pendant pic

The stamping process, also known as die punching, or embossing, is a relief pattern manufacturing process.

Effect: The usual gold locks use the stamping process.


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