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Whether sand gold and gold plated will tarnish

Sand gold refers to the rock gold in the mountain is washed by river water, gold and quartz veins separated from the gold. This kind of gold is called sand gold because it is as fine as sand.

Gold plated, it is a kind of adornment craft, also be one of commonly used vocabulary. Initially, it meant coating the surface of objects with a thin layer of gold.

Whether the gold plating will tarnish?

Gold-plated brass bracelet image

Gold plating will tarnish. Gold plating refers to plating a layer of gold pigment on the surface of other metal jewelry by the electroplating method. The color is remarkably similar to gold, and it is impossible to distinguish gold and gold plating by color. The gold-plated material is not gold, so it will tarnish after wearing it for a long time. When wearing gold plated jewelry at ordinary times, we should pay attention to care and avoid friction; friction will make the plating of gold plated jewelry disappear. To avoid cosmetics, perfume, and other corrosive liquids will accelerate the fade.

how long dose gold plated jewelry last?

Let’s take three examples of gold-plated jewelry in our daily lives:

925 silver gold plated: Normally, if the 925 silver gold plated is worn correctly, it can be maintained for one year without fading. But suppose the 925 silver gold plated surface is stained with a lot of grease and sweat when wearing. In that case, the wearing time will be shortened, and the color will fade after about half a year or even earlier. We can maintain the 925 silver gold plated to delay its fading. In the maintenance of 925 silver gold plates, the surface of 925 silver gold plate can be wiped clean with a fine linen cloth or tissue paper with good water absorption performance to avoid the oil sweat staying too long, causing an impact on it. It can also clean the 925 silver gold plate by coating a layer of colorless and odorless nail polish on its surface and forming a protective film after drying to prevent the 925 silver gold plate from being eroded by foreign bodies and delay the fading.

Brass gold plated: Brass gold-plated jewelry can generally be worn for about three years. Time is easy to fade. During wearing, please pay attention to keep away from acidic and alkaline substances, including toner, soap, laundry detergent, and dishwashing liquid, to avoid accelerating its fading.

18K gold plated: 18K gold plated if the plating process is better than others time, and the daily wear process is also more attention, it can adhere to 5-10 years without fading; But if the plating process is general, everyday wear is not paid attention to, then it may be worn within a year will fade. If the coating on the surface of the 18K gold-plated material falls off, the jewelry can be sent to the merchant and re-coated to make it look bright and shiny.

Whether the sand gold will tarnish?

Alluvial gold bracelet image

Sand gold will not fade because sand gold is also a kind of gold, gold will not fade, so sand gold will not. The gold content of river gold is not very high, so the price is much lower. River gold is primarily produced in the bottom of the river and low-lying areas after panning out the gold. It’s a simple form of gold. The most significant characteristic of river gold is that the color will be different because of the height. Ninety percent is red yellow, 80 percent is light yellow, 70 percent is green-yellow. Be discerning when buying.

What is the difference between sand gold and gold?

pure gold chain

Gold content: The sand gold content is 96 or 95 percent of the gold purity. In contrast, the sand gold content of Vietnamese gold is even lower, only 5 percent or less.

Color: sand gold has a color similar to gold. But when we compare sand gold and pure gold, the sand gold will have apparent traces of white; Gold is pure gold, and the higher the gold content, the more refined the color. Generally speaking, pure red gold has the highest gold content, close to 100%; The gold content of blue-yellow is 70%, and purple-yellow’s is 90%.

Hardness: The hardness of gold is low, and we can bend it with force, and even the teeth can bite out marks. But the sand gold is an alloy that is much harder than gold.


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