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How to clean jewelry?

Jewellery cleaning is tricky because each jewellery cleaning method is different; if the cleaning method is confused, it is easy to cause damage to the jewellery. To avoid this situation, I sort out the most complete and different cleaning methods of jewellery so that you can avoid confusion when cleaning. 

How to clean gold jewelry?

gold chain

Regular cleaning: Wash your gold jewellery in a diluted soap solution. After cleaning, blot out the water with a soft cloth. You can also buy a particular jewellery cleaning solution for cleaning. 

Gold black cleaning: If you already have a black spot on the surface of gold jewelry, 2-3g of salt can be used. Baking soda 7-8 grams, bleach 7-8 grams, and about 60ml of water undertake collocation. You can put in cleaning the gold jewelry. Two hours, reoccupy clear water wash, and then with a soft cloth wipe. 

Suppose you think it troublesome to configure the gold jewellery. In that case, you can also send the gold jewellery to a professional jewellery cleaning shop for cleaning. 

Action: To keep gold jewellery shiny for long periods, apply a thin layer of nail polish over it. 

How to clean silver jewelry?

silver chain

Regular cleaning: Usually do not need to use water to clean, can be wiped with a silver cloth or brush silver powder. 

Oxidation silver cleaning:If it is found that the silver jewellery has been oxidized, you can wipe it vigorously with a silver cloth. If it cannot be wiped off, you can add dishwashing liquid to clean the black oxide on the surface and wipe it dry with a silver cloth. 

Suggestion: Silver jewellery is easy to oxidize, so do not wear it while swimming. Do not go near hot springs and water. And when wearing silver jewellery should be sealed for preservation. 

How to clean pearl jewelry?

pearl necklace

Regular cleaning:Pearls can not touch water for a long time. When cleaning, usually, you can use a cashmere cloth to wipe, do not use facial paper, as it is easy to be scratched by pearls. 

Yellow pearl cleaning: If the pearl yellow, you can use 1% to 5% hydrogen peroxide for bleaching, but in the bleaching, do not overdo it. Otherwise, it will lose lustre. 

Suggestion: Pearls belong to calcium carbonate and have poor chemical stability, so it is not allowed to make up when wearing pearl jewellery. The lustre of pearls is about 4% of the water, so we should avoid exposure to the water to evaporate the pearl. 

How to clean jade jewelry?

gold jade jewelry

Regular cleaning: Daily cleaning jade jewellery can be soaked with water for 30 minutes and then wipe dry and polished with a silk cloth. Can join neuter scour to clean with a soft cloth, silk cloth undertakes with reoccupying after wiping dry polish, do not use face paper to wipe. Or soak it in clean water for 30 minutes. 

The jade was stained with oil cleaning:Jade if contaminated with grease and dirt, you can add neutral detergent and then clean with a soft cloth, wipe dry and then polished with silk cloth. 

How to clean platinum jewelry?

PT990 ring

Regular cleaning: Platinum can be cleaned with water because it will not be oxidized, so you do not have to worry too much about oxidation. 

Black platinum cleaning:If the colour change occurs, it can be cleaned with metal detergent and finally wiped with a cashmere cloth. 

How to clean diamond jewelry?

diamond ring

Regular cleaning:Soak the diamond ornament in dirty soapy water for 30 minutes.Remove and gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth.Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. 

The diamond jewelry was stained with oil cleaning:Pour professional diamond detergent into the cup.Soak the diamond jewellery in the cup for 5-10 minutes.Take out and gently clean the surface with a soft brush.Finally, rinse with warm water. 

How to clean copper jewelry?

cooper bracelet

The main methods commonly used to clean up copper blackening:

Soap or mild detergent: If the brass jewelry is dusty or dirty, rather than dark, dip it in warm, soapy water and clean it with a soft cloth.

Vinegar, salt, and flour: These versatile kitchen items can make a paste to clean dimmed brass ornaments. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in half a cup of vinegar and add the flour until it forms a paste. Rub onto the brass, rinse with warm water after 10 minutes, and wipe dry.

Diatomaceous earth brightening copper surface: take diatomaceous earth, oxalic acid, and water by a ratio of 6:1:4 to stir into a paste, apply on the surface of copper products naturally dry, and then rinse with water to brighten the copper surface.

Sea salt rust removal: When the copper rust is severe, it is helpful to mix the sea salt into the melted wax with a dry cloth sticky solution to wipe the copper rust part, which can play a perfect role.

Alkali immersion: the blackened copper bracelet is soaked in alkali water because the copper bracelet is due to acid corrosion in the air and blackened, so it is very effective to clean with alkaline things. Sodium hydroxide is the more muscular cleaning strength of all alkaline dishwashing agents, so soaking in alkaline water for 1 hour can eliminate black things, and using a clean, soft cloth to blot the water can restore the luster of the copper bracelet.

How to clean stainless steel jewelry?

stainless steel ring

1,Fill a small bowl with water, add some mild detergent and soap, take a clean towel, soak the towel in the water, and wipe your stainless steel jewelry with the towel.
2,Use toothpaste to clean your jewelry if it is filthy and has specific contaminated areas. Rub your jewelry with a soft brush.

3,After cleaning, wipe the jewelry with a clean cloth and air dry it thoroughly.

4,Finally, store your stainless steel jewelry. It is best to store it separately from other metal items to avoid carbon pollution.

The above kinds of jewellery cleaning methods are common. With this most complete jewellery cleaning method, I believe you will never be upset .


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