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The primary surface treatment process for jewelry making

Although industrial technology is more developed now, the way of jewelry making is still focused on manual work. Crafting can make up 50 to 70 percent of the jewelry process. The diamond above jewelry is the diamond that manual point commonly has color enamel or paint craft: synthetic paint oil, artificial spray paint. A beautiful piece of inexpensive jewelry, from the design drawing to producing finished goods in a warehouse, wants to pass 16 working procedures. Sometimes a piece of jewelry should be made through several processes. The work of the assembly line also needs fine manual work.

The primary basic technology of jewelry can be divided into electroplating, paint baking, inlay, glue dripping, enamel, LOGO marking, laser welding, CNC fine engraving, and etching.

What is the electroplating process?

Stainless steel plated gold ring necklace earring bracelet set image
Stainless steel plated gold ring necklace earring bracelet set

The electroplating process is a method for surface coating precious metal jewelry, such as silver jewelry, gold plating processing, and platinum jewelry rhodium plating processing. The primary function of the jewelry electroplating processing method is acid and alkali washing – oil removal polishing – electroplating. The electroplating process can protect the surface color and brightness of precious metal jewelry so that the jewelry has a more beautiful appearance effect.

Gold and silver plating is the most common plating process. Our ordinary jewelry is generally gold or silver. The relatively cheap gold ornaments sold are typically plated with alloy or copper. We often encounter electroplated real gold or imitation gold jewelry in our lives. Whether it is real gold or imitation gold, the color effect of electroplating is not very different now. Real gold generally contains plating 14K gold; 9 K gold is more. The higher the gold content, the more yellow the color, the lower the gold content, the color will be green. Imitation gold plating is generally based on brass plating solution blending and debugging out of the paint. Industrial Science and technology progress is more developed, some imitation gold plating to make the effect is not worse than the effect of genuine gold plating. The bottom clip of hair accessories is gold plated, and the price is relatively low. There is also real gold plated.

Imitation gold plating and genuine gold plating in effect and price difference are not particularly large. At most is the material price difference, the specific production process above is the same. Jewelry is plated with real gold. The silver one is usually platinum, which doesn’t oxidize. As long as electroplating will fade oxidation, the electroplating process has not been developed without a permanent fadeless process. In the current process, almost all day wear jewelry, because of frequent contact with sweat, cosmetics, this jewelry generally wears a month or even a week will fade. Better jewelry is normal wear can keep color for half a year to a year.

What are the paint baking and spray painting processes?

Rectangular lacquered pendant necklace image
Rectangular lacquered pendant necklace

Baking paint technology is a kind of industrial paint. It is divided into two types waterborne metal paint and oily metal paint. Waterborne metal baking paint is a kind of environmental protection paint, with water as the solvent, and oily metal baking paint is an organic solvent. The method is to grind the material to a certain degree of roughness and spray several layers of paint. And after 160℃ high-temperature baking finalizes the design, the process is currently higher paint requirements, good color rendering. The products produced by this process are rich in color and gorgeous in color. What the factory uses now is to bake lacquer more, bake lacquer is a kind of pigment, besmear on adorn article, put in the oven inside dry, bake lacquer craft. Generally, the color is called the “matte” effect. Spray paint is the paint applied to ornaments.

What is the drip oil process?

Dripping oil belly button piercing jewelry image
Dripping oil belly button piercing jewelry

The oil drop process is generally used in acrylic paint or latex paint. The product has a bright color. Dripping oil which can be called painting oil, is the workers with a brush painting or dripping on jewelry grinding tools, can be dried naturally, can also be put into the drying oven drying. Paint painting or oil dripping can not make the jewelry permanent color preservation. The general paint baking process is better. There will be 2-3 repeated operations. The available color preservation time is only 3-6 months. Spray paint is the pigment sprayed, whether baking, spread, or oil drop. Three kinds of technology need to be placed in the drying oven drying.

What is tessellation?

Micro diamond titanium steel ring
Micro diamond titanium steel ring

Enchase or it is small set close-set, this is a kind of easier to understand the craft, this craft is manual to finish usually, see Yiwu market, a lot of old master of bit drill in a recruit, the worker comes the exercise above bit headgear, the headgear with the lower price is artificial point drill. Microinlays are usually crystal or zircons. There is little difference between crystals and zircons. In the case of the same cutting process and the same size, consumers can hardly see the difference with the naked eye. Rhinestones or zircons are embedded in the jewelry, which gives the impression of floating on the surface. The inlays are relatively tight and do not expose the under rest, commonly known in the trade as micro or dense inserts. See another article of mine for details of tessellation.

What is the glue dropping process?

Drop glue flower earrings image
Drop glue flower earrings

The glue dropping process, also known as the crystal glue dropping process, is all kinds of AB glue (epoxy resin, benzyl alcohol, polyether ammonia. After a certain proportion of mixing, into the oven, the temperature adjustment of about 40℃; bake for 30 minutes and then rise to 60℃- 70℃ until the glue is completely cured. Or through the UV lamp irradiation and other means of the curing process, modeling is easy and convenient, used for enamel products instead. The disadvantage is that the color stability of the resin is insufficient, and it is not resistant to high temperatures. Significantly, the transparent resin made in China is accessible to yellow and fade, which is not suitable for the jewelry design of precious metals.

What is enamel craft?

Enamel bird brooch image
Enamel bird brooch

Enamel technology is an artistic creation process in which mineral silicon, lead lead, borax, feldspar, quartz, and other minerals are mixed appropriately. Various metal oxides of different colors are added respectively. According to other technologies, powder color materials are made and then filled or painted on the metal body after roasting and grinding. The elemental composition of enamel is quartz, feldspar, borax, and fluoride, and ceramic glaze, glaze, and glass (material) belong to silicate material. In ancient China, attaching the glaze to the surface of pottery or porcelain bodies was customary. Attached to the building tile is called “colored glaze”; The one that sticks to a metal surface is enamel.

What is Laser welding of jewelry?

Seamless welded sterling silver necklace image
Seamless welded sterling silver necklace

Laser welding of jewelry is the laser equipment used jewelry spot welding machine, using a laser deposition welding, laser high heat energy and focus point of welding technology, surface heat by conduction to the internal diffusion, by controlling the width of a laser pulse, energy, peak power and repeating frequency, parameters such as melting of components, to form specific molten pool. Laser equipment is widely used in processing gold and silver jewelry and welding miniature and small parts because of its unique advantages.

What is CNC craft jewelry?

CNC craft ring image
CNC craft ring

The use of CNC technology in jewelry, the advantage is through computer programming to design the pattern on jewelry and precision machine tool to achieve CNC precision flower, so that the jewelry of high precision, good symmetry, stable quality. CNC manufactured internal radian makes the ring more comfortable to wear. The disadvantage is that the CNC equipment has high requirements. The material loss of the jewelry in the production process is also high. The price of finished jewelry is about 10%-15% higher than that of ordinary jewelry.


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