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9 simplest ways to identify 925silver jewelry

What is 925silver? 925 silver refers to a silver content of about 92.5%, the purity of approximately 92.5% is identified as pure silver. Because overly pure silver is soft, 925 silver is added to 7.5% of other metals to give it the desired hardness. 925 sterling silver is the international standard silver for silver jewelry.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and quality, people also gradually pursue material products. Such as buy expensive handbags, watches, and 925 small makeup next will be introduced to silver, we use to buy some silver necklace, bracelet or ring and so on jewellery, want to send for yourself or give yourself. But when we believe, we ignore the words, often will buy a high copy, or inferior, they do not know. So to prevent such a situation, we today would like to introduce to you how to identify the 925 silver and buy the real 925 silver. 925 sterling silver is acted the role of in our choice and buy when performing the function of, how can ability identify its inherent quality true or false, I introduce a few minor skills for everybody below: 

1. See the mark

925 silver heart bracelet image

Silver jewellery generally with the English abbreviation of silver (” S “or” Sterling “). The mark of Standard Silver is S925. The silver mark is S990. But many countries do not make a mark on silver jewellery.

2 . See the color

999 sterling silver couples ring

The higher the purity of silver jewelry, the more white the silver, and the surface looks evenly shiny and polished. If lead is present, the jewelry will appear bluish-gray; If it contains copper, the surface of the jewelry will appear rough, and the color will not be moist.

3. Weigh by weight

Silver weight measuring instrument

Silver has a slightly higher density than standard metals, about 10.5g/cm. The weight of aluminum is light, the importance of silver is heavy, and the weight of copper is neither fair nor plump. Therefore, weighing the purchased jewelry can make a preliminary judgment on whether it is silver. Suppose the jewelry volume is large and the weight is light. In that case, we can preliminarily judge that the jewelry is another metal.

4. The acid test.

Silver reagent

Silver will change colour in contact with any acid and even dissolve. If a drop of concentrated hydrochloric acid dropped on the inside of the silver jewellery, a white mossy silver chloride precipitate would appear immediately. Other precious metals do not have this phenomenon.

5.Judge the hardness

Silver hardness is lower than copper and than lead; tin can use to pin jewelry to inconspicuous places to test, such as needle slip; the surface is challenging to leave traces and can be determined as copper jewelry; If it is made of lead or tin, the trails are obvious, and it can be preliminarily defined as silver jewelry.

6.Listen to the sound

Sterling silver jewelry is vital, not elastic. The lower the color, the lower the sound, and the higher the sound with rhythm; If it is copper jewelry, its sound is more elevated and shrill, rhyme sound is short and rapid; If it is lead or tin jewelry, the sound will be dull, sharp and unelastic.


Heat the silver accessories at a high temperature until they are almost melted, then stop cooling and put them in water. So if it’s not silver, you can see what it’s made of, and if it’s silver, you can figure out the color.

8.Bending method

Fold silver jewellery by hand; it is easy to bend and not easy to break. Stiff, forced folding of low colour; After bending or a few knocks with a hammer will crack for silver-covered jewellery; Can not withstand light folding, and easy to break for the fake.

9.See the fracture


Cut off the silver jewelry and look at the fracture color. If the fracture is white and cotton, the surface of the jewelry is smooth and delicate. After oxidation, the surface color is black and bright, and it can be concluded that its completion color is about 98%. If the fracture is rough and soft, slightly red, the result is about 95%; Fracture is white and gray, somewhat red color is about 90%; Hand bending is complex; if the fracture is light red or gray, its color is about 80%; About 70% of the finished color of silver, it’s surface white yellow and dry, if thefracture slightly red, yellow, complex bending; If the fracture with black, yellow with black, its color has been below 60%. However, this identification method is related to silver-producing silver, requires a certain amount of eye and experience, requires careful examination, and needs to be more accurate.


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