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What should we choose between custom jewellery and counter jewellery ?

Some of the most popular custom jewellery styles you’ve bought in recent years include love bracelets, nail bracelets, four-leaf clover necklaces, spring necklaces, and Fred red strings. These are expensive high-end jewellery on the counter. Many hipster players will buy them, on the one hand, is like, on the other hand, is widespread. So do you know the difference between custom jewellery and a counter? Let’s take a look.

6 Differences between customized jewellery and counter jewellery

silver and gold ring

1. How much difference in style

Custom jewellery can choose the jewellery style you like. The jewellery can be modified during the design and production according to the shape of your hands or neck length. You don’t have a favourite style of jewellery, so you can create your drawings or find a jewellery designer to customize the style you want. And directly buy jewellery counter, the style will be less, most of the style is more popular, the style is more ordinary, lack of characteristics.

2. Different budgets

Custom Jewelry can choose the jewellery that works for you and choose the jewellery you want based on your budget. Prices are affordable; The operating costs of buying jewellery directly over the counter can lead to higher prices.

3. Different times to get the jewellery

Custom jewellery requires a period of customization after purchase. Jewellery bought directly from the counter is readily available.

4. Product prices vary

The same product is several times different. Jewellery customization and counter of the big brands are natural gold real diamond, diamond regardless of brand origin. However, there is no big brand high advertising costs and designer costs. Many other costs are not listed. These costs are the reason why counters are expensive, not the difference in materials. Ultimately, all these costs are borne by consumers.

5. Product differences

Jewellery customization is different from other products. Jewellery is nothing more than real gold and natural diamonds. The materials and quality are the same. Of course, some subtle details of complex processes are different, but they are invisible to the naked eye. It takes professional tools to see subtle differences.

6. Customization takes full advantage of raw materials

Customization does not need to be shaped but can be used according to the village, make full use of the advantages of raw materials themselves, show the beauty and diversity of jewellery. Custom-made diamond ring, this one, like the only one in love, is the most touching.

5 Benefits of customized jewellery

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1. Most of the jewellery in the counter Windows of jewellery stores and department stores has been tried on by many people but returned to the jewellery factory for processing and modification according to your size. And customization is your own decision to customize the plan and choose the style to create a piece of new jewellery.

2. Traditional finished jewellery is made unified, and the shadow of industrialization still exists. It’s the product of an assembly line, and it’s very homogenous. You can find someone on the street wearing the same jewellery, and it might not feel good. Customized jewellery can avoid this problem. Customized jewellery can be customized entirely according to personal preferences or even designed by yourself. It is impossible to find jewellery precisely like yours on the street. Inadvertently, your jewellery, your personality blends into the jewellery to create unique jewellery, which is an entirely different experience from traditional jewellery.

3. Much jewellery looks excellent when you buy it, but it’s easy to get tired of it after many years, all because the finished piece has nothing to do with you. It is a commodity and lacks a “life force”. Custom jewellery, but your name and vow are eternal vows to each other. No matter how time flows, it is the most precious gift in your heart.

4. customized brands are often higher than the mall counter threshold for ordinary consumers. As long as you choose a certificate, the Internet can query all its indicators to distinguish true and false.

5. Custom jewellery is very flexible, and consumers can control costs to get a good deal on jewellery.

2 Benefits of the counter to buy jewellery

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1. You can experience it. The most significant advantage of jewellery in the mall is that seeing is believing. Every commodity is placed on the counter for consumers to visit and buy. You can take it out directly to look at it or try it on if you like it.

2. Because they are all legitimate brands. Can enter the mall to open counters are most regular brands (because the mall will filter out some inappropriate), so than the outside to buy some “three no” products and miscellaneous jewellery and jade market to buy much at ease.

It is also because they are regular brands, so the quality is more guaranteed. Once there is any problem, there will be after-sales help to solve, and do not worry about the phenomenon of merchants running away.

Conclusion: In summary, depending on your purpose and your situation, choose whether to customize or shop.


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